'Flintstones' win Belleville Gingerbread Contest

News-DemocratNovember 17, 2013 

The 24th Annual Gingerbread Contest in Belleville


— Judy Galati-Zillen, the Best of Show winner in the 24th Annual Gingerbread Contest, said her creation pays homage to The Flintstones cartoon and her childhood.

"I spent many Friday nights watching The Flintstones," Galati-Zillen said.

Galati-Zillen made the "Bedrock" welcome sign, and the Stone Age houses and cars, from gingerbread. She started to make the characters -- from Fred and Wilma Flintstone to Pebbles -- about three weeks ago using fondant, a mixture of sugar and gelatin.

"All that brown that looks like chocolate is Royal icing and a whole lot of brown food coloring," Galati-Zillen said.

Galati-Zillen, who divides her time between Waynesville, Mo. and Belleville, said she participates in the contest year after year because she wants to help create good memories for people.

Galati-Zillen said she has fond memories walking through downtown St. Louis during the holidays to look at display windows and Belleville's gingerbread contest displays do the same for children now.

The winners of the 24th Annual Gingerbread Contest in Belleville were announced Sunday afternoon at an awards ceremony at the Nichols Community Center.

The creations will be moved to shop front windows in downtown Belleville by Wednesday.

The city's Parks and Recreation Department and the Belleville Gingerbread Committee have organized monthly decorating demonstrations that will start January 2014.

On Sunday, Jessie Bostick appealed to Graham Gunn, 11, his twin sisters, Sabrina and Samantha, and their cousin, Audra Johnson, to try their hand at making their own dragons and horses. The children's entry this year were made from gingerbread house kits.

"If you can use Play-Doh, you can do this," Bostick said.

Bostick will teach the one-hour classes. She, Kelly Kretschmer and Jennifer Morimoto are known for creating the winning "Gingerbread Dragon" piece in 2012.

Each session is $10. To register or for more information on the classes, call 277-7373 or visit www.tootscakecandysupply.com.

The winners are:

Best of Show: Judy Galati-Zillen, "A Very Flintstone Christmas"

Master's Category

First Place: Jefferson College, "Hobbit's Home"

Second Place: Debbie Kruep, "Missy's Candy Factory"

Third Place: Mary Dagon, "Send up the Star"

Honorable Mention: Rose Marie Edwards, "The Mouse King"

Honorable Mention: Beverly Cutler, "Stitch in Time"

Honorable Mention: Beverly Cutler, "Oh Christmas Tree"

General Category

First Place: Emily Cutler, "Down by the Old Mill Stream"

Second Place: Becker/Staack, "French Bistro"

Third Place: Angela Chininin Buele, "Created for Glory"

Honorable Mention: Candis Reily, "Charlie Brown Christmas"

Landmark/Historic Category

First Place: Teresa Hessel/Suzanne Kugler, "Born in Belleville"

Second Place: Kaskaskia Engineering Group, "Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge"

Third Place: Lisa Vignassi, "St. Clair County Historical Society House"

Honorable Mention: Jim Edwards, "Jumbo"

Fantasy/Movie Category

First Place: Cindy Keck, "Finding Nemo"

Second Place: Elizabeth Niebruegge, "Home Tweet Home"

Special Awards

Mayor's Choice: Teresa Hessel/Suzanne Kugler, "Born in Belleville"

Celebrity Choice: Becker/Staack, "French Bistro"

Hallmark Award Plaque: Lisa Vignassi, "St. Clair County Historical Society House"

SWIC Pick: Emily Hager, "A Tale of Two Sissies"

Lincoln Theatre Movie Award: Cindy Keck, "Finding Nemo"

Children's Categories

Best of Show: Emily Hager, "A Tale of Two Sissies"

Kindergarten through 5th grades

First Place: Addison Houk, "The Green House"

Second Place: Aidan Fritzgerald, "The Penguin Express"

Third Place (tie): Camryn Houk, "Camryn's World"

Third Place (tie): Garrett Nichols, "A Castle Christmas"

Honorable Mention: Emma Van Buren, "The Fun Church"

Honorable Mention: Isaac Trapp, "Tower of Doom"

6th through 12th grades

First Place: Jennifer Smith, "Wise Man and Foolish Man"

Second Place: Chloe Nichols, "Coca Cola Christmas"

Third Place: Lydia Grimenstein, "Winter House"

Honorable Mention: Madeline Kohnen, "Halloween Met Christmas"


First Place: Girl Scout Troop 763, "Cozy Winter Cabin"

Second Place: Girl Scout Troop 60, "Camp Christmas"

Third Place: Brownie Troop 294, "Cinderella Steps"

Honorable Mention: Alex, Morgan and Melissa Murphy, "Club Penguin"

Honorable Mention: Jefferson Girl Scout Troop 340, "Christmas Campout"

Honorable Mention: Girl Scout Troop 620, "Candy Shop"

Honorable Mention: Belleville Nazarene Church, "Fairy Tale Woodland Wedding"

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