Sound-off: 11/18/13

November 18, 2013 

Suffer the children

With regard to the upset parents about Gideons handing out Bibles at the Governor French Academy, let me say this. I see less of an outrage about people passing out a lot worse things than a Bible. It's just indicative of how far this society has gone down when parents would oppose somebody giving their children the word of God that this country was founded on. Our country is in drastic condition. We are failing and we've been failing for a long time.

Worse taxes await

French Village residents, remember how hard you worked to get into Grant 110 schools? You didn't like going to East St. Louis 189, now did you? If Grant 110 dissolves and the Regional Board of Trustees divides up the district, then you might go right back to District 189. Your current school tax rate is going to jump from $5.53 (Districts 110 and 201 combined) to $10.84 (District 189's current rate). Your property values are going to drop dramatically also because of being in District 189. In fact, if you live anywhere near the west side of Grant 110, this possibility should scare you. Can you really "afford" to vote "no" at the March 2014 referendum? Really?

Administration pay?

I read your editorial about the Grant Illini School District. I was disappointed that you didn't complete the story by only reporting on teachers' salaries being frozen, you didn't report what happened to the administration's salaries. I'm wondering, could you please complete the story on that? Thanks.

Belleville is booming

The boom is on in Belleville. No, we are not talking about a wrecking ball. The Meredith Home and the Turner YMCA buildings have survived, and the future looks bright. The boom refers to the upcoming 200th birthday celebration. 2014 will pay tribute to the treasures surrounding this historic milestone. Belleville is distinguished by its diverse terrain, housing and numerous neighborhoods. The city is unmatched in the metro-east for a full-range of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Take time to enjoy the seasons in the center of Illinois' first county.

Right to show smile

I'm calling regarding the pictures of Yoko Cullen's killer that was shown in your paper. I totally agree with your position on showing them. He is despicable. We need to see the faces of evil rather just read stories about things happening. I commend you for your coverage.

At the gates of Hell

I'm calling about all the outrage in the BND regarding the picture of Yoko Cullen's killer with the big smile on his face. There is plenty of outrage because he looks so smug and like he really got away with something, but his hell is just beginning.

I mind your mandate

So the president doesn't believe that I am smart enough to know which insurance policy is best for me and my family? You are wrong, Mr. President. I am smart enough to chose the policy I want, not the one that is going to be mandated by you and your minions.

Voting against God

Our 1982 St. Clair County marriage certificate indicates that we were joined in holy matrimony "according to the ordinance of God and the laws of the state of Illinois." In passing the gay marriage bill, the morally corrupt politicians in this Land of Lincoln have taken the ordinance of God out of such laws. I wonder how many pieces of silver Judas -- or Jay Hoffman -- received in compensation for his vote against our Lord?

Taxed for molester

It's just been announced in the last week that the Freeburg School District reached a settlement with the young men that were sexually assaulted by a former executive at the school, Dr. Hawkins who killed himself. It was covered by insurance, but there is still an outstanding $400,000 bill owed by the school district which means it is owed by the taxpayers. If the school board does not go after Hawkins' estate, the man was wealthy, for that $400,000 every school board member should be replaced or resign.

No reason to drive

I think former trooper Matt Mitchell should not be allowed to drive. He is living in Carlyle. Carlyle does provide ample transportation for children from pre-K all the way up to high school. There is no reason to take an 11-year-old girl to school when there is sufficient transportation provided for that child. I would suggest that he move to a community like Belleville or Collinsville that has the MetroLink, bus service, cab service. The Uhl family will never be able to take their daughters to school, or have grandchildren to take to school. So Matt Mitchell doesn't need a driver's license.

Costello ain't a saint

Don't try to sell us on the idea that Jerry Costello is the patron saint of Scott Air Force Base. Anybody old enough to remember knows that Mel Price, our former congressman prior to Costello, was more than just a patron saint of Scott AFB, he was a god of the whole operation and did a great job. The next guy wanting Bill Enyart out of office will be the same way. Jerry Costello is not a saint. If he were a saint, he wouldn't be charging money to represent us to keep Scott AFB here. He owes that to St. Clair County.

Do us a real favor

If Jerry Costello wanted to do the taxpayer a favor, he wouldn't be taking all that money for his consulting business. He'd be helping the taxpayers pay back a little bit of the money he's made off the taxpayers.

No tricks for treaters

I would like to thank the sheriff's department for making the Signal Hill neighborhood safe on Halloween night. They patrolled the area and no parking signs were put up in the neighborhood to control the traffic flow. We had a large number of trick-or-treaters and all of them couldn't have been more courteous or sweet. A nice night was had by all.

A fix for Illinois debt

It appears that the Illinois legislators will not try to resolve our debt crisis in the state of Illinois. If I may suggest trying this. If we make the debt crisis detrimental to gays, African-Americans, atheists, and illegal aliens and some way make where it would further deter our constitutional right to bear arms, our debt crisis would be solved in days.

Trans-fat madness

It's just been reported that the FDA of the federal government is going to ban trans-fats 100 percent. They will no longer be used in any kind of food. They say it is detrimental to our health, and it may very well be. But the senators and congressmen that are going to be supporting all this because it hurts people, are stumbling over themselves to be first in line to vote to legalize marijuana. Now I ask you, what has caused more crime, deaths, chaos, overcrowded prisons, trans-fats or dope. The question is very simple. Legalizing marijuana will get them votes and that is their only purpose.

End aid to enemies

This is in response to the letter on Nov. 8 about the 9/11 memorial. It seems that even though we remember, it seems Congress has forgotten all about it. After all the guy who precipitated the incident was hiding in Pakistan. Of course we bombed Pakistan then we turned around and gave them $106 billion. What's wrong with this picture? We could have used that money right here in the United States. We need to stop sending money to other countries. Foreign aid should be eliminated. We need to take care of home first.

Charge Cook again

I have two questions for our local prosecutors in the St. Clair County area, first is for State's Attorney Brendan Kelly. Now that the federal case is winding down against Judge Cook, does he have any intention of filing official misconduct state charges against the judge? The second is for Steve Wigginton our U.S. Attorney. Now that the murderers of Yoko Cullen are finalizing their plea deals, does he and the Justice Department have any intentions of seeking federal carjacking charges against the individuals who killed this poor old lady to which there is a death penalty that could be attached?

18 months for judge

I would like for someone in the federal judicial system to explain the supposed equal under the law scenario when a lonely drug peddler can expect to receive 10 years in prison while an ex-judge, a man in office to administer justice, can be himself a drug user and accessory to the death of another drug user, to have made questionable decisions about cases of other drug users, yet he, himself, could get only 18 months. The conclusion has to be that it pays to be a Democrat in this corrupt county, in this corrupt state, in this corrupt nation. God bless America.

Don't squeeze the Cook

I have found a solution to Illinois' lack of funds. I think there should be one day set aside on the Belleville Square, where everybody can bring their newspapers that have a picture or anything to do with ex-judge Cook in them and drop them at the St. Clair County Jail so they won't have to buy toilet paper.

Keep housing office

The BND editorial reported the proposed housing authority move from East St. Louis to the county is an idea with which I totally disagree for four reasons. One, I look at the continued effort to take over East St. Louis programs and eventually take over the city. Two, we do have a few jobs here from the housing authority and we need those jobs. Three, some citizens do not have a transportation method to get to Belleville. Most importantly, a move to the county does not guarantee better service. In some instances, program moves have been disastrous.

Residents under siege

I am calling in regards to the scandal in Washington Park. I read in the paper recently where a trustee being charged with health care fraud pleaded guilty. I also understand that the Village of Washington Park refuses to hand over records to the comptroller's office in the state of Illinois. Since the mayor took over, she's laid off the firefighters and created two new positions totaling more than $60,000. I believe the case needs to be handed over to the federal government for criminal investigation. The people of Washington Park are under siege in their homes.

Turn Hole into park

The big hole on East Main Street is finally filled. I think that would make a nice park for the lawyer who wants the Meredith Home torn down and a park made in memory of his daughter. It's big enough for two trees and a park bench. What more do we need? And don't tear down the Meredith Memorial building at the square. Find some other use for that building.

Put tax on obesity

While it may seem to be good medicine, the recommendation to put more Americans on cholesterol lowering drugs is really the health care industry throwing the towel in on our obesity problem and making a dollar in the process. No longer will people need to worry about diet and exercise. They just need to go to their drug dealer, oops I mean doctor, to get their prescription fix. Until we penalize the lazy and overweight members of this country, all of our health care costs will rise.

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