Bringing back America

November 18, 2013 

What have some people done to our country? We can't sit on our porch. We have to be careful where we walk. The people's government gives away money that we don't have. The people we elect no longer do what's good for the people. No one listens to us.

The answer? A flat tax. We give no one money. If another country needs help, we give it what it needs. Only as a loan to be paid back. Everything must be made in the USA. If we can't make it, the government helps us get it done.

As far as aid to our own people: If you draw a check from the people's government, you have to show up for work or go to school. We will give food and help you if you do the above. Everything we give you must be made in the USA, which would result in more employment and more money to help our own. We pay off all our debts and live within our means. Simple. We spend no more than we have.

If you want to feel safe, you close all strip clubs and put drug dealers in prison, not country clubs. Make our prisons like the military ones. Maybe they will think twice before coming back.

Let everyone know: You break the people's laws, you pay the price. Get serious, people. Hard, yes. Remember for the people, by the people.

Thomas Hurlburt


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