Time expires for Belleville

November 18, 2013 

I guess the mayor and the rest of the city officials in Belleville have a reason for all the parking meters in Belleville, but the honest reason is outright greed. When you have to pay a ransom to park on a public street to do business, visit the hospital, go to the doctor or go to any other function, it's not right.

The city officials have asked and begged people to shop downtown Belleville and now I know why. They want the sales tax and the meter fee. If you are a few minutes over they fine you $10, and if it takes longer than five days to pay it, they double it. These sorry souls must really be proud.

This little deal happened to me. They won't get another penny from me because I took back everything I bought so they wouldn't get any sales tax, and I'll not shop Belleville again.

I was thinking about buying a truck from a dealer in Belleville but I'll get it in Collinsville, Highland or St. Louis. I spend quite a bit in Belleville and have for years, but it's over.

I'm sure city officials know where I think they can stick their parking meters. If there are enough people who feel the way I do, there will be a shortage of sales tax in Belleville.

Terry Hunt


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