Bigger issues than Benghazi

November 19, 2013 

The Tea Party crackpots can say all they want, the story of mismanagement of our military and our economy continues to evolve every day.

SAC Capital along with J.P. Morgan (Chase Bank/credit cards/mortgage to us) have agreed to billions of dollars in fines and more close government scrutiny for insider trading and mortgage money manipulation in the time before our collapse 2008-2010. This follows a similar pending deal with Bank of America. Their survival will end up costing us money due to their damage done to national and international currency markets.

For those people worried about who to blame on Benghazi, where less than a dozen people were lost in the fog of war: I want more information about the cost in dollars and loss of life due to our attack on Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. We wasted a lot of lives and a ton of money on people we would be better off staying as far from as possible.

A recent issue of National Geographic shows their culture: a 41-year-old chieftain in his wedding picture with a little 11-year-old girl who looks terrified. This is their culture and it is perverted beyond belief.

Joseph M. Reichert


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