Government dodges blame

November 19, 2013 

Let's say that the city in which you live has just passed a new law stating that all houses that are newly painted must be painted red. You decide that your house is looking rather rundown, so you hire a handyman to repaint it and, being the good citizen that he is, he follows the law and he paints your house red. But you don't like your house being red and you want to complain. But you can't complain to the handyman; he was just following the law. So you complain to the City Council, but their response to you is: "Don't blame us. We didn't paint your house red; your handyman did."

Such is the case with the insurance companies and Obamacare. Now that Obamacare is being implemented, people's insurance policies are being cancelled, changed and what not. But the insurance companies are just following the law laid out in the 2,000-plus page monstrosity that is Obamacare. And when the people complain, President Obama and his administration simply respond by saying: "Don't blame us. We didn't cancel your insurance policy, your insurance company did."


Gerard Luebbers


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