Message was not as intended

November 19, 2013 

On Nov. 8 the BND published a letter I had written, chose a headline I did not request, "Furious with Jay Hoffman," then left out the most important point of my letter. That makes me furious, but not at state Rep. Jay Hoffman as I have no feelings one way or the other for him.

Hoffman did as I would have expected any career politician to do. Career politicians campaign for election telling voters whatever they want to hear, then once in office they climb up and straddle the fence and jump off on whichever side holds the most votes to get them re-elected. All parties operate the same way in the cesspool we call politics, a long-ago broken system governed and controlled by money.

The question the readers did not get to read, was: If Jay Hoffman, Gov. Pat Quinn and others who supported the same-sex marriage bill do not care what God wants, do you really think they care what you want?

Joe Willis


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