BIRTHS 11/19/13

November 19, 2013 

— Latricia Dixon and Daniel Dyson of Collinsville, a girl, Oct. 10.

PALESCH -- Andrea and Adam Palesch of Belleville, a girl, Oct. 11.

TING -- Renee and James Ting of Mascoutah, a boy, Oct. 11.

SMITH -- Kristin Smith of Cahokia, a girl, Oct. 12.

RENSING -- Abbi Rensing of Red Bud, a boy, Oct. 12.

MCLEMORE -- Alexandria McLemore and James Webb of Belleville, a girl, Oct. 12.

HAAS -- Kim and Brian Haas of Mascoutah, a girl, Oct. 13.

GOSSETT -- Brittany Gossett of Belleville, a boy, Oct. 14.

MCKINZIE -- Heather and Sean McKinzie of O'Fallon, a boy, Oct. 14.

PHILLIPS -- Michelle Phillips and Anthony Hopkins of O'Fallon, a girl, Oct. 14.

LOVELACE -- Elizabeth Lovelace of New Athens, a girl, Oct. 14.

MCMASTER -- Bethany and David McMaster of Sparta, a girl, Oct. 14.

MCLAUGHLIN-ROBERTS -- Kathleen McLaughlin-Roberts and Matthew Roberts of Scott AFB, a girl, Oct. 15.

HALL -- Christina Cathleen and Nicholas Lee Hall of Belleville, a girl, Oct. 15.

LANGENSTEIN -- Ashley and Andrew Langenstein of Swansea, a girl, Oct. 16.

UTTERBACK -- Sharon and Jarrod Utterback of Belleville, a girl, Oct. 16.

TROTTER -- Ashley Trotter and Joseph Higgerson of Red Bud, a girl, Oct. 17.

LUCKRITZ -- Tiphani Luckritz of Dustin Barela of Belleville, a boy, Oct. 17.

FERGUSON -- Shereese Ferguson and Quentin Trotter of Fairview Heights, a girl, Oct. 18.


RICKHOFF -- Krystal and Tony Rickhoff of Bartelso, a boy, Sept. 16.

KNOX -- Alicia KNox of Pocahontas, a boy, Sept. 16.

PERIGO -- Kristi and Corey Perigo of Alhambra, a girl, Sept. 16.

BRINKER -- Dawn Brinker of St. Rose, a boy, Sept. 18.

FIELDS -- Jamie and Adam Fields of Breese, a boy, Sept. 19.

FARTHING -- Julie and Tony Farthing of Salem, a boy, Sept. 19.

HEMBREE -- Kasey Hembree of Salem, a girl, Sept. 19.

RATERMANN -- Renee and Darin Ratermann of Bartelso, a boy, Sept. 19.

KLEINER -- Elizabeth and Shad Kleiner of Greenville, a boy, Sept. 20.

PUCKETT -- Andrea and Jeffrey Puckett of Pinckneyville, a girl, Sept. 20.

THOMPSON -- Amy and Jason Thompson of Beckemeyer, a boy, Sept. 20.

GOESTENKORS -- Natalie and Travis Goestenkors of Pocahontas, a girl, Sept. 20.

WHITE -- Rebekah White of Carlyle, a boy, Sept. 23.

TEMPLET -- Brandy and Shaun Templet of Scott AFB, a girl, Sept. 24.

HUEGEN -- Jennifer and Neil Huegen of O'Fallon, a boy, Sept. 26.

SCHROEDER -- Pamela and Jacob Schroeder of Bartelso, a girl, Sept. 26.

COOPER -- Jessica and Brandon Cooper of Breese, a girl, Sept. 26.

GARDEN -- Erin Garden of Salem, a boy, Sept. 26.

HELLMANN -- Kelly and Thomas Hellmann of Bartelso, a boy, Sept. 26.

REYNOLDS -- Gail Reynolds of Centralia, a girl, Sept. 27.

SEIDEL -- Tina and Stephen Seidel of Carlyle, a girl, Sept. 27.

PECK -- Ciera and Ryan Peck of Centralia, a boy, Sept. 27.

HEYDE -- Danielle and Greg Heyde of Mascoutah, a girl, Sept. 28.

MUELLER -- Danielle Mueller of Breese, a girl, Sept. 28.

TACKE -- Brandi and Michael Tacke of Greenville, a boy, Sept. 30.

CANNADAY -- Ann and Brandon Cannaday of New Baden, a boy, Oct. 1.

POTTS -- Jennifer Potts of Trenton, a girl, Oct. 3.

TODD -- Katrina and Stan Todd of St. Rose, a boy, Oct. 3.

EAGAN -- Ashley and Kelly Eagan of Kell, a girl, Oct. 3.

ZINKGRAF -- Megan Zinkgraf of Heggetown (Vandalia), a girl, Oct. 4.

DRAKE -- Tonya and Michael Drake of Highland, a boy, Oct. 4.

CANADA -- Jessica and Alonzo Canada of Carlyle, a girl, Oct. 4.

VAUGHN -- Connie and Michael Vaughn of Carlyle, a boy, Oct. 7.

WESNER -- Andrea Wesner of Breese, a boy, Oct. 9.

KLOSTERMANN -- Ann and Brian Klostermann of New Baden, a boy, Oct. 9.

NIEMANN -- Erika and Mark Niemann of Breese, a girl, Oct. 10.

MILLER -- Heather and Josh Miller of Brownstown, a boy, Oct. 11.

NIEDBALSKI -- Ericka and Matt Niedbalski of Nashville, a boy, Oct. 12.

CRAIG -- Amy and Andrew Craig of Greenville, a girl, Oct. 12.

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