The joke's on taxpayers

November 22, 2013 

Tell me if you've heard this before. A guide brings three blind men to MidAmerica Airport and asks each where they think they are.

The first, a chef by trade, wanders the runway for miles and says, "We're in a vast concrete wasteland, where nothing grows; it seems tasteless, but with a hint of burnt rubber."

The second, an astronomer by trade, stands in the terminal, sensing the hollow emptiness and hearing a faint sucking sound, says, "We're at the threshold of a black hole where reason, values and treasures are consumed, never to be seen again. Has anyone been to D.C.?"

The third, a miner by trade, feels the fuselage of an airplane and says, "We're in a gigantic shaft with thousands trapped inside. Many are crying, but one man is trying to console them by telling jokes about his airport."

The guide says, "Each of you is right, but you're all together wrong. Allegiant took us to Sanford and we're in Fantasyland."

You did? Never mind.

Richard Skillings


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