Real estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

November 24, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 667 Landolakes Circle; from Mark Kroenig and Kara Kopf; to Joseph W. Eillson; $195,000.

* 1000 McClintock Ave.; from Michael Whitaker and Jill Whitaker; to Rhonda Kernan, John Kernan, Erin Kernan; $64,000.

* 185 & 187 Huntleigh Drive; from Cathy M. Roth; to Curt A. Klaustermeier and Paula A. Klaustermeier; $165,000.

* 300 N. Church St.; from Amy R. Perez and Jorge Perez; to Hoyleton Ministries; $145,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1408 Sandalwood; from Wayne E. Kick and Sally A. Keck; to Clara M. Elmore, surviving spouse of James A. Elmore; $18,000.

* 1504 Westhampton Trace; from Julia R. Dorris and Ben F. Dorris Jr.; to Johathan P. Schmid and Kerriann R. Schmid; $145,000.

* 1621 Colfax Court; from Heartland Home Builders Inc.; to Aaron D. Hackleman and Patika L. Hackleman; $250,000.

* 128 San Mateo Drive; from Timothy F. Walker and Lori A. Walker; to Elliot Munoz and Charlotte Munoz; $110,000.

* 7410 Foley Drive; from Glenn J. Lewandowski and Sinda S. Lewandowski; to Jorge Carrion and Tatiana Carrion; $98,000.

* 2310 N. Illinois St.; from Joanne Anderson and Carol Muzzarelli; to Robert C. Stelling; $65,000.

* 10 Dennis Drive; from Jerry Pierce and Abbey Pierce; to Brian Lang and Gloria Lang; $76,000.

* 124 S. 29th St.; from Joseph N. Karban and Rosemary Karban; to Sarah K. Gorline; $52,000.

* 3411 Shendan Drive; from Gary L. Vogel and Jill Farrar-Vogel; to James R. Williams; $85,000.


* 9 West Drive; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to PACER CAP LLC; $16,000.


* 1033 Far Oaks Drive; from Robert H. Laurine and Kelly Laurine; to Michael Rousseau and Michelle Rousseau; $389,000.


* 440 Carter Drive; from Michael L. Kumm and Janet B. Kumm; to Tyler C. Reifschneider; $106,500.


* 2222 Illinois Ave.; from Wilheimine C. Nicholson and Russell Nicholson; to Brandy Woods and Johnny Crosby; $8,500.


* 600 Ember Crest Drive; from McBride and Son Residential Illinois; to Sandra J. Mitchell; $170,000.

* 144 Frey Lane; from John W. Brinkerhoff Jr.; to AEB Properties LLC; $45,000.

* 217 McKnight Road; from Brian S. Williams and Chasity Williams; to David M. Potts and Lori J. Potts; $81,500.

* 802 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Justin M. Joiner and Brittany K. Joiner; to Ryan K. Schmittling and Janell M. Schmittling; $185,000.


* 1371 Lantern Lights Circle; from SMR LLC; to Randall G. McNary and Caludia C. McNary; $534,500.


* 316 N. Independence St.; from Bret Rasch; to Bret Rasch and Adam Edwards; $26,000.

* 908 Ottawa Court; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Sandra Junius; $295,500.


* 106 S. Clinton St.; from Jessica M. Crockarell; to Daniel Northway and Laura Northway; $20,000.


* 2119 Streamview Court; from Andre K. Curry and Elaine C. Curry; to Jason R. Smith and Janet A. Smith; $144,000.

* 407 Westfield Drive; from James E. Barnett; to Daniel Voyles and Emily Voyles; $90,000.

* 539 Glen Oak Drive; from Cayford J. Campbell and Ericka Campbell; to Robert K. Liggon and April L. Liggon; $205,000.

* 612 W. Madison St.; from Mel Vasquez and Sharon Vasquez; to HAWKCO LLC; $58,500.


* 1745 St. Andrews; from Homes By Design Inc.; to Bruce Simms and Marjie Simms; $463,500.


* 204 Bourdelias; from CitiBank; to Matthew R. Lanter; $105,500.


* 1245 N. 50th St.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Larry Blanchard; $5,000.



* 1721B Muny Vista Drive; from Janice C. Mueller; to Joel M. Fox; $72,000.


* 129 Woodcrest Drive; from Howard Smith and Lyn Vigna Smith; to Brian Koshinski and Amyu Koshinski; $288,000.


* 941 Dackk Road; from Eric Miner; to William R. Elliott and Betsy A. Elliott; $338,000.

* 634 Tillotson; from Bob Mounts; to Ryan R. Kneedler; $110,000.

* 22 Grandbrook Blvd.; from George R. Payne and Tracy L. Payne; to Edward Bodi and Annice Bodi; $177,000.

* 100 E. Church St.; from C J Properties Madison County LLC; to Joseph Lochmann; $86,000.

* 311 Garesche St.; from Donald Wilson and Vickie Wilson; to Yvonne D. Thomas; $81,500.

* 105 Dewey Drive; from Daz Malter and Jennifer Malter; to Leslie A. Patterson and Stephen Patterson; $146,000.


* 316 S. Buchanan St.; from C. Vernon Carver; to Mehmet Dinceroglu and Quanie Dinceroglu; $325,000.

* 1302 TroyRoad; from Blooming Violet Properties LLC; to Michael F. Chamberlin Jr.; $85,000.

* 5 Jenn Laura Drive; from Thomas Kinsella and Barbara Boyne Kinsella, Kinsella Family Trustee; to Nathan Vaugniaux and Deborah Vaughniaux; $386,000.

* 413 Sanner St.; from Michael E. Hildebrand and Adria C. Hildebrand; to Christopher A. Veath, Dianna J. Veath, Ashley N. Veath, DAvid C. Veath; $46,000.


* 117 Elsie Ave.; from Dustin Sedlacek and Rachel E. Sedlacek; to Amy L. Wyatt; $102,500.

* 3162 Alexandra Drive; from Savannah Crossing Development Inc.; to Remington Properties LLC; $54,000.


* 3405 McKee Lane; from James R. Waltz and Jessica Waltz; to Dakota J. Smith and Jamie E. Smith; $145,000.

* 1359 Normandy Drive; from Jean M. Grames, Ronald E. Grames, Arthur A. Grames, Charles R. Grames; to Carole J. Springer; $97,000.


* 3270 Franklin Ave.; from Bradley J. Borror and Kathryn E. Borrow; to Christen M. McClintock; $83,000.

* 2805 Oregon Ave.; from U.S. Bank; to Lakya J. Hill; $70,000.


* 125 Elizabeth Terrace; from Fannie Mae; to Hyo C. Shoi and Hyung S. Choi; $168,000.

* 57 Kay Drive; from Kory R. Chesser and Linda M. Chesser; to Lisa A. Winkeler; $112,000.


* 7500 Stonebridgge Golf Drive; from Stephen Jones and Casey Jones; to DAvid Hurshman and Cheryl Hurshman; $243,000.

* 6828 Manchester Drive; from Aaron L. Webb and Kristen L. Webb; to Brandon P. Griffitts; $196,500.

* 2306 S. Center St.; from Gary R. Willmore Sr. and Rosa M. Willmore; to Joel E. Luckett and Francine Luckett; $178,000.


* 11602 Hillsboro Road; from Bobby J. Slayton and Ann L. Slayton; to Darrell W. Ferkel and Katie M. Ferkel; $218,368 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 600 Ohio Ave.; from Elijah P. Condellone and Crystal Condellone; to William J. Wells; $126,000.


* 216 Remington Court; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Kimberly A. Chiarottino; $140,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 235 S. Central Ave.; from Marc Wolfe; to Precious Hart; $117,000.



* 818 S. Rapp Ave.; from Jeffrey L. Goatey, Co-Trustee, Marlene M. Goatey; Robin L. Goatey, Trustee; to Russell A. Walster and Russell R. Walster; $105,000.

* 563 Wernings Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Emily Carter and Matthew Carter; $311,000.

* 1559 Frost Landing; from Denise Gillan and Eric Gillan; to Jason C. Galeski; $70,000.


* 5576 Fortman Lane; from Raymond A. Hoffman and Teresa L. Hoffman; to Ronnie J. Imm and Tracy D. Imm; $200,000.

* 814 Sheridan Lane; from C A Jones Inc.; to Lawrence H. Hauffman Jr. and Rachel L. Hauffman; $211,500.

* 5001 Kaskaskia Road; from Larry W. Shaw and Monika Shaw; to Justin L. Chism and Lyndsay M. Chism; $137,000.

* 19 Villa Court; from Wilber I. Christopher, Trustee; to Linda m. Verharst; $212,000.

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