Ethanol article missed basic facts

November 24, 2013 

In the rush to judgment, the BND has taken what amounts to a press release by the American Petroleum Institute on the growth of ethanol use in the United States. The story is riddled with inaccuracies, false assumptions and just plain untruths. If the press really cared about what they print and who it comes from they would have checked these allegations out with the Farm Bureau or the Department of Agriculture. Either or both would have told a different story.

Some of the allegations can be proven wrong if we just look around here in farm country. Farmers in this area and most others are not overusing the land to plant corn. Just not true. If it were, they would stop planting wheat and soybeans and just plant corn. Not happening.

The charge about the "Dead Zone" in the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana to Texas is also falsely skewed against ethanol. The Dead Zone is growing, although no one has been doing anything about it for 50 years. That's long before ethanol use. It is happening due to pollution by industrial runoff and the use of nitrogen fertilizers. Great for plants, bad for animals and fish. The story is, on the whole, an attempt to mislead us. Why? Because the more ethanol we use, the more it hurts "big oil." So now, as we are making strides in being more energy independent and moving away from fossil fuels (including coal), is not the time to increase gasoline usage for the benefit of Exxon and OPEC.

Joseph M. Reichert


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