Highlight school funding problem

November 26, 2013 

As a student of the Belleville community, I have concerns about the lack of state funding for teachers' jobs. Belleville High School District 201 isn't receiving the full payment the educational fund requires from Illinois. It is causing District 201 to cut teachers. Meanwhile, the athletic departments of both East and West are trying to raise money to fund a turf field or buy new equipment for their teams. I understand the need for athletic equipment because I am a soccer player for the women's team at East, but our need for education is much greater.

I've looked into the problem and discovered the district doesn't allow our educational funds to be used to help fund the athletics or walking trails around the school. They are funded by private funds.

I believe the BND can help the community understand the problem our school districts are facing. An article highlighting the facts around Illinois state funding, money owed, and private funding opportunities can bring this subject to the attention of the community and clarify a lot of questions. One solution may be private funding, but we need to raise the money as a community and understand the lack of funding from the state.

If the community can help support the teachers' jobs, it is our duty to do what we can to protect the future of our children, and your support is a great factor in doing so.

Montana Sinn


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