Too quick to use stun gun

November 26, 2013 

I have a question about the house fire in Louisiana, Mo., where two cops used a stun gun on Ryan Miller, who was trying to rush back in to save his 3-year-old step\son. I just don't understand why the officers would do that. Did they even warn him they would fire? He should have been able to go in at his own risk.

How long did the fire department take to reach the burning home? Maybe if there was an earlier call, everyone in the family could have been saved. Also, Lori Miller told the press the stun gun was "police brutality." I would actually agree with that. They should have given a verbal warning that they would shoot.

Bob Jenne, the city administrator, said that the stun guns were just used as a "judgment call," and the police were worried for Ryan Miller's safety, too. I would hope he would show a better explanation at a trial. Jenne was a former firefighter, police officer, and even a police chief, I would expect him to know that officers need to be careful dealing with victims in dangerous situations like that instead of just automatically stunning them down to the ground.

I hope the trial will show this was police brutality and some justice will be served.

Allen Rauckman


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