Police overreacted

November 26, 2013 

I am writing a response to the BND article, "Family outraged stun gun used on stepdad." I was surprised that the police officers took such an offensive action against Ryan Miller. The police officers were overly aggressive and wrong for their actions. Miller was just trying to save his stepson. If Miller wanted to go back into the burning house, the police officers should have let him go back in under his own volition.

If I were in Miller's position, I would have gone back into the burning house. I believe it is any individual's right to make an instinctive decision to protect his or her child. The police officers were wrong for their actions; they should be punished. Not only did the officers stun Miller, but they stunned him more than once. The last time was while he was in the back of a police car. They eventually took Miller to jail. These were unnecessary actions against Miller.

We need our government, but I think our government needs more restrictions on our privacy and what decisions officials make concerning citizens' personal lives and choices. The government's decisions can severely affect others whether they realize it or not.

John Servos


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