Be thankful and give all

November 27, 2013 

"All I ever wanted really, and continue to want out of life, is to give 100 percent to whatever I'm doing and to be committed to whatever I'm doing and then let the results speak for themselves. Also to never take myself or people for granted and always be thankful and grateful to the people who helped me."

-- Jackie Joyner-Kersee

This space is reserved each day to provoke thought, opine on topics, stump for fairness, equity and fiscal responsibility, rail against corruption, tyranny and fraud, reflect on our path, peer under the rug, and to pat those on the back who make a positive difference.Today is a simple reflection about being thankful in 2013.

The quote above from local Olympic Champion JJK captures an ideal spirit of effort and commitment. Athletes make great role models for both effort and commitment.In truth most of us fail to regularly give anywhere close to 100 percent but complain about our results. We want to explain to everyone else why 100 percent isn't an attainable target for us.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Despite all that happens around us, to us and for us, we have choice, opportunity and free will to give 100 perecent or as close to it as we possibly can. This ability is a gift for which we should be thankful.

We also should be thankful for the people who have helped us along the way.

If we are honest with ourselves, none of us would be where we are today without the generosity, the hand up, the love and the respect of others. Whether family, friends, teachers, pastors, neighbors or complete strangers, who we are today is a culmination of our past and present experiences. If we fail to appreciate, acknowledge and value the contributions of others we not only cheat them, we cheat ourselves.

Always be thankful and grateful. Live and act with no regrets. And have a happy Thanksgiving.

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