Who really shot Kennedy?

November 29, 2013 

Approximately 15 minutes after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Bobby Kennedy ordered CIA agent Hugh Howell to fly to Dallas to find out exactly what happened and why. After talking with doctors at Parkland Hospital, Howell flew to Bethesda, Maryland, to serve as Bobby's representative at the autopsy of JFK. He deduced that Kennedy had been hit four times -- twice in the head, on each side of his forehead, once in the throat, and once in his back.

Howell spent nearly two years supplementing his initial findings. After he broke two of George De Mohrenschildt's fingers, De Mohrenschildt admitted that he and David Ferrie had planned and organized JFK's assassination. Howell also discovered that between seven and 10 shots were fired by four different assassins.

Two of the assassins appeared as "tramps" and were found in railroad boxcars adjoining Dealey Plaza. Lois Gibson, an expert forensic artist of the Houston Police Department, verified their identities as Chuck Harrelson and Charles Rogers. The third assassin was identified as Frank Sturgis. Howell was not able to obtain the name of the fourth assassin who fired from the Book Depository. Howell said Oswald, a poor marksman, would never have been hired for the hit.

Based on the statements of Sam Giancana in "Double Cross," Cuba's former chief of counterintelligence, Gen. Fabian Escalante, believes two Cuban agents of the CIA were stationed at the sniper's nest window -- Herminio Diaz and Eladio del Valle.

Thomas Fohne


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