Short hair's necessary in football for safety's sake

November 29, 2013 

The first step to making the game of football safer is to get rid of all the dreadlocks. The helmets are not made to fit all that long hair.

Recently a player had his dreadlocks pulled out in a game. And look at the number of times that helmets fly off players' heads.

We talk about helmets and safety. The owners should demand that all of their players get rid of the dreadlocks and wear their headgear right.

Football is a violent sport, period. It's a hard and violent game. We all know that everybody gets hit. There are a few things we can do to make the sport safer but the bottom line is people pay to see the football players get hit.

It's time to start at the top of pro football and then college. The high school players try to initiate the college and pro players. Tell the professional and college players to clean up their image.

By all means level the playing field. As a defensive player you only have seconds to stop an offensive player or he scores. Give the defense a chance to do their jobs. It is no wonder some teams score so many points.

Please, before someone gets his neck broken, cut the dreadlocks.

Robert Kirkland Jr.


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