REAL ESTATE: What is your neighbor's house selling for?

December 1, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 27 N. 14th St., from James M. Giess and Lisa J. Giess; to John O'Malley; $55,000.

* 1039 Forest Ave.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to South Illinois Trust John Durako; $27,500.

* 526 N. Douglas Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to James V. Bowers; $10,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 400 N. Virginia Ave.; from Edna Peck; to BBM Investments LLC; $30,000.

* 419 S. High St.; from Daniel L. Willey; to Charles J. Baricevic Jr.; $94,000.

* 25 Lake Inez Drive; from Rolf Jacobson and Beverly Jacobson; to Jeffrey Oretga; $278,500.

* 333 Flagstone; from Emory E. Toops and Marilyn R. Toops; to Devane R. Williams and Kimberly R. Williams; $100,000.

* 2108 E. A St.; from Larry A. Freppan and Alice Freppan; to Paul Fernandes and Krystal Fernandes; $125,000.

* 322 Country Club Acres; to David Horace and Cynthia Horace; to Kendal Bengtson and Melissa Bengtson; $275,000.

* 201 Howard Drive; from Carla McGuire; to Ricky P. Starr and Sandra A. Starr; $28,000.

* 428 N. 41st St.; from Jeffrey E. Sterling and Megan Sterling; to Brian Russell; $73,000.

* 1 Northwood Drive; from Mark G. Meckfessel; to Jason A. Soles; $138,000.


* 2057 Doris Ave.; from Main Street Real Estates Holdings LLC; to AF 2013 Trust; $12,000.

* 107 St. Thomas Lane; from Home America LLC; to Home America Fund II LP; $20,000.

* 12 Cahokia St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Impala LLC; $30,500.

* 18 Edgar St.; from Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; to Moving Forward Properties LLC; $49,500.


* 516 Hollywood Heights Road; from William; to Michael S. Gaynor Sr. and Florence A. Gaynor; $96,500.

* 423 S. Third St.; from Jean M. Linden; to Caritina Saavedra; $35,000.


* 113 Oakwood Drive; from Paula F. Bryant; to Joanna Nix; $103,000.

* 10 Woodbine Court; from James Pulley and Deborah Pulley; to Brian Feig and Elizabeth Hackney; $208,000.


* 2900 David St. Ferry Road; from Rosa I. Tapia; to Chalres L. Lindhorst; $50,000.


* 2818 N. 42nd St.; from Robert Arnold, William Arnold, Debra Dixon, Barbara Dothage; to Leopoldo Almeida and Irma Almeida; $105,000.


* 7369 Timberpoint Court; from DAvid R. Lee and Karla J. Lee; to Sandra J. Bowling; $229,000.

* 7358 Wolfrun Trail; from First County Bank; to David Lee and Karla Lee; $352,500.


* 700 Mary Ann Court; from Rebecca L. Williams; to Jeffery J. Miller; $205,000.


* 11424 Church St.; from Lindel A. Laminack and Rosalie V. Laminack; to Leonard W. West and Karen S. West; $16,000.


* 512 N. Independence St.; from Matthew D. Lamb and Jessica L. Lamb; to Jacob R. Jackson; $132,000.

* 414 Turquoise Court; from CNR Inc.; to Kyle Hancock and Gail L. Hancock; $224,000.

* 354 S. 5th St.; from Robert C. Andres and Teresa L. Andres; to Lawrence Wilhelm and Dolores Wilhelm; $130,000.

* 2453 Adam Court; from Thomas I. Kolak; to Jeffrey W. Forsythe and Jamie Forsythe; $165,000.


* 118 Lexington Drive; from Chris A. Gaby and Cathy A. Gaby; to Mark J. Loy and Lauren A. Loy; $167,500.

* 730 W. Van Buren St.; from Becky S. Fults; to Cathy A. Gaby; $157,500.


* 563 Alada Drive; from Charles K. Busch and Cassandra M. Busch; to Eric T. Tucker and Erin K. Tucker; $174,000.

* 765 Erika St.; from Sandra J. Bowling; to Karin Morris; $124,500.

* 1651 Taylor Road; from Martha A. Meeker; to Clint R. Schwab and Sarah Schwab; $410,000.

* 1405 Clifton Way Court; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Andrew M. Carr and Sun H. Carr; $304,500.

* 737 Erics Run Drive; from Joe A. Stouffer and Monica L. Stouffer; to Elizabeth A. Johnston; $214,000.

* 1300 Keck Ridge Drive; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to William B. Schuler; $225,000.

* 302 Emily Drive; from Sandra A. King; to Robert Harris Jr.; $174,000.

* 1129 Creekside Court; from Warren C. M. Griggs II and Adrianne A. Griggs; to Joshua j. Imme and Amy M. Imme; $215,000.



* 1010 Lexington Drive; from Vernon Daab, joint revocable trust, Vivian Daab, joint revocable trust, Robert Thoma, Trustee; to Marlene J. Daab and Carol A. Jennings; $120,000.

* 319 W. Gundlach; from Cindy S. Newton and Roger D. Newton; to Pamela S. Fisher and Steven E. Fisher; $135,000.

* 2616 Elmwood Court; from Elizabeth M. Streif and Jeffrey D. Streif; to Linda Frierdich revocable trust and Mark Frierdich, revocable trust; $152,000.

* 250 Columbia Town Centre; from Dewan Prashad, Trustee and Sursattie N. Prashad, Trustee; to Bernhard Properties LLC; $800,000.


* 214 Park St.; from Bernell I. Andres, revocable trust and Larry R. Mueller, Trustee; to Schwarze Properties LLC; $76,000.

* 154 Westview Place; from Craig Fisher and Nicole S. Fisher; to Ting H. Lin and Ziao Y. Zhang; $195,000.

* 1305 Dannehold Farms Drive; from Linda Collmeyer, family revocable trust, Wayne Collmeyer, family revocable trust, Wayne M. Collmeyer, Trustee; to Betty A. Luhr; $275,500.

* 209 Crosswinds Court; from Quantum Homes Inc.; to Kathleen M. Collmeyer and Wayne M. Collmeyer; $256,000.


* 3232 Fielding Lane; from Sharon M. Brainerd, Sharon M. Tripp; to Paul Terry Jr. and Florence Terry; $170,000.

* 609 St. John Drive; from Justin Hogman; to Justin Lowe; $142,000.

* 3424 Plainfield Way; from Keith Quackenbush and Cherie Quackenbush; to Freddie Lopez; $245,000.

* 1 W. Waters Edge Drive; from Jame sJ. Heinz and Deborah M. Heinz; to Untress L. Quinn; $296,000.

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