Fund-raiser is tree-mendous for Swansea parks

News-DemocratDecember 1, 2013 

Lovers of little-known facts had a walk in the park recently at the Swansea Patriots' first trivia night at the C.K.L. of I. Hall. The questions were not easy. It's just that the Patriots, who raise money for the village's parks, based many of the categories on their organization's mission.

1. True or false: Only adult fireflies emit light.

2. What word means both a type of knitting stitch and a large area of flat land with few trees?

3. Which pro football team won Super Bowl XX after recording the "Super Bowl Shuffle" in November 1985?

4. Prince Adam was better known as what superhero?

5. What national park serves as a memorial to all American prisoners of war?

6. What singer-actress did Eddie Fisher divorce to marry Liz Taylor in 1959?

7. "This ain't no chick flick." Name the movie from the tagline.

8. In "Let It Snow" what food does the singer offer to make his love stay by the fire?

9. What tree's name contains all five vowels?

10. What well-known beverage is made from the agave plant?

11. What is the official state of Illinois insect?

12. What sport was once known by some as plank-gliding?

13. In bicycle racing, what does BMX stand for?

14. Britt Reid was better known as what crimefighter?

15. What is the only state with no national parks?

16. In the movie "On Golden Pond" what was the name of the fish Norman and Billy were trying to catch?

17. "Don't get mad. Get everything." Name the movie from the tagline.

18. What did the night wind say to the little lamb in the Christmas carol?

19. In what national park would you find the country's official national Christmas tree?

20 What family of wines usually should not be served chilled?

1. False. In some species, the larvae and even the eggs flash. More weirdness: Some fireflies eat other fireflies, according to

2. Plain

3. Da (Chicago) Bears

4. He-Man, who defends Eternia and Castle Grayskull against Skeletor.

5. Andersonville, Ga., where nearly 13,000 Union POWs died during the final year of the Civil War. The National POW Museum opened there in 1998.

6. NBC canceled Fisher's TV show after he divorced Debbie Reynolds.

7. "Chicken Run"

8. Popcorn

9. The mighty sequoia

10. As The Champs sang in their 1958 hit, "Tequila."

11. The beautiful Monarch butterfly

12. Water-skiing

13. Bicycle moto cross (X)

14. The Green Hornet

15. Delaware

16. Walter

17. "First Wives Club"

18. "Do you see what I see?"

19. At 267 feet, the General Grant is thought to be the third tallest known tree in the world. It is in California's Kings Canyon National Park.

20. Dark reds. Whites should usually be served at 45-55 degrees while roses often taste best at about 60.

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