Keep building on the good things in East St. Louis

December 1, 2013 

Some good things are happening in East St. Louis such as the new housing sponsored by Mount Sinai Development Corp., the planned development for the old shopping center on the east end of town, the training of local residents in green industry jobs and the planned port development on our riverfront.

Our elected officials must push for more large-scale development in order to create good, living wage jobs and not the constant minimum wage, low-skill type jobs at service stations and fast food places.

Our current image is not good and it has to change. If we need new leadership, we must vote for it and not believe that someone from the outside will save us. We all must take some responsibility for the stage we are in and stop pointing fingers at each other. A community divided among itself will not survive.

Elected officials and public employees need to remember that they work for the taxpayers, voters and residents of this community.

It is time that we circle the wagons and demand good and transparent government that is supported by a strong community that cares about each other and our future.

Percy Harris

East St. Louis

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