Madison County Democrats in a snit

December 1, 2013 

In your article Nov. 22, "Objection to jail petition is filed," I could feel the whining of Madison County resident Stephen Jellen and County Clerk Debra Ming-Mendoza. I love it. Democrats cannot stand it when independents or Republicans do stand up.

It was past time for voters to stand up in Madison County. I am in my 70s, well over the 18 required, and am trying to be an independent voter in a "dug in" Democratic county, and completed a petition for this. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered in any way and stood up to Madison County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan and friends who think they know everything. This was outstanding, but the BND put its article further back in the paper. Figures.

On to John F. Kennedy. I was stuck in my home with three children getting over the chicken pox when JFK was killed. How sad it was, but playing him up after 50 years to cover up the mess, yes mess, President Obama has made of our health care system is enough. Let's move on.

Betty Homyer

Granite City

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