Land of broken promises

December 1, 2013 

Washington, D.C., is overflowing with broken promises, professional lying, underhanded dealing and deranged politicians who are a disgrace to the United States. The people who elected these politicians are in for a surprise. When President Obama gets what he wants, he will throw them under the bus with the rest of us.

When anything goes wrong, and it happens pretty regularly with this administration, Obama knows nothing about it. He really does, it's just he doesn't know what to do about it except smile and lie. Where is the transparent government Obama promised?

Obamacare is so great, but Obama and all the politicians opted out and left it all for us. Why do we borrow trillions of dollars, pay interest on it, take away from our citizens and then send billions overseas? Something is wrong here; it's Obama.

The American public better wake up and keep the House out of Democratic control. If the House goes to the Democrats, it's all over because that's all Obama needs to finish us off. The bus is running.

How about rewarding the illegals with citizenship and freebies, then bring in more immigrants to take what few jobs we have and drive down wages and conditions? What's next, Mr. Obama?

Terry Hunt


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