Understandable overreaction

December 1, 2013 

The article "Washington University rebukes students for posted photo," was well-written. I feel the response to the photo was an overreaction. It is one thing to be racially sensitive but another to get so angry as to try to portray America as "Islamophobic." The response to the photo seemed perfect for Mahroh Jahangiri to voice her opinions.

I feel Jahangiri had a previous qualm about America and its "Islamophobia." The photo "Halloween '13 Amurrica!" was most likely meant to be the four college students having fun on Halloween night.

I feel that Jahangiri used the photo to give her argument credibility by having an example. Though Jahangiri's argument has a base to stand on, the photo does not add much credibility to it.

The students should not have taken such a photo, but the response to the photo was an overreaction based on a strong sense of American "Islamophobia." The students should have been reprimanded for taking a photo that could be misinterpreted so strongly.

The moral of the incident is to not take racially insensitive photos.

Jalen Taylor


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