December 1, 2013 


Lenin Alcala of Fairmont City to Karina Valenzuela of Fairmont City.

David A. Anderson Jr. of Collinsville to Tanya L. Leezy of Collinsville.

Rashe Terrell Armstrong of Belleville to Denise Nicole Faison of Belleville.

Sean Rashid Baum of Waterloo to Sarah Elizabeth Thies of Waterloo.

Patrick J. Beare of Belleville to Sherry L. Murphy of Collinsville.

Craig Nolan Berg of O'Fallon to Michelle Renee Salgado of Belleville.

Nicholas Andrew Bova of New Athens to Crystal Dawn Stidham of New Athens.

Turon Kevon Boyd Jr. of Belleville to Lache Marie Davis of Belleville.

Jewell B. Boyd of Belleville to April Y. Carroll of Dupo.

Carl Edward Bradley of Alton to Heidi Elizabeth Haag of Alton.

Ronald Wayne Braunseis of Freeburg to Christine Marie Scheich of Freeburg.

Jason G. Breuer of Belleville to Jennifer J. Wempe of Belleville.

Andrew Peter Brinkmeier of Mascoutah to Rachel Kristine Emig of Mascoutah.

Centreis D. Brown of Madison to Yanyell B. Dowd of Madison.

Michael A. Brown of Highland to Daniella A. Benson of Scott AFB.

Thomas Charles Brown of Collinsville to Whitley Shanee Watson of Collinsville.

Michael William Burns of Belleville to Lisa Marie Wojick of Belleville.

Kyle Patrick Canning of Omaha, Neb. to Lyndsey Michelle Azar of Omaha, Neb.

Brandon Rashaad Cason of Fairview Heights to Chaya Renee Blackmon of Fairview Heights.

Malcom X. Conway of East St. Louis to Saundria G. Clark of East St. Louis.

Douglas Alan Cox of Decatur to Sara Michelle Mitchell of Decatur.

Yorel D. Cox of Belleville to Vivian O. Obey-Fabiyi of St. Louis.

Paul R. Craven of Fairview Heights to Kristel L. Strickland of Fairview Heights.

Adam Bradley Crimp of Swansea to Aimee Rena Hohman of Swansea.

William R. Cunningham of Mascoutah to Katherine S. Fenn of Mascoutah.

Sheldon Tucker Davidson of Caseyville to sara Elizabeth Surratt of Caseyville.

Kevin Robert Davis of St. Johns, Overland, Mo. to Michelle Lynn Fields of St. Johns, Overland, Mo.

Jeremy C. Dickey of Mascoutah to Heidi M. Evans of Mascoutah.

Jacob Christopher Dillard of O'Fallon to Amanda Marie Pope of O'Fallon.

Benjamin Dionicio-Romero of Swansea to Maher E. Mollinedo of Swansea.

Christopher T. Dowell of Scott AFB to Lana M. Givens of Scott AFB.

Jay Floyd Draper of O'Fallon to Kristi Donnell Lenington of O'Fallon.

Jess Earl Dunn Jr. of Belleville to Almeta Ann Pinson of Belleville.

Steven Colin Dunn of Fairview Heights to Samantha Jane Powers of Fairview Heights.

Daniel Ray Earhart of New Athens to Holly Marie Steinwagner of New Athens.

Michael James Egmon of Swansea to Rose Aligaen Ortega of Swansea.

Eugene Eiland of Washington Park to Siera Nicole White of Washington Park.

Christopher Charles Eldridge of Smithton to Kristie Elizabeth Estes of Smithton.

Timothy Regan Farmer of O'Fallon to Telly Consuelo Garcia of O'Fallon.

Scott Alan Flood of Belleville to Dana Rae Bernard of Belleville.

Anthony Kalen French of Belleville to Ebony Ciara Galloway of Belleville.

Robert Frison of Cahokia to Amy Jo Maris of Cahokia.

Lauden Muna Gadia of Scott AFB to Tichinia Ann Searcy of Fairview Heights.

Ronnal Lee Gentry Jr. of St. Louis to Vanessa Ann Broaden of Cahokia.

Wade Aaron Gibbs of Fairview Heights to Laura Ashley Mullinax of Fairview Heights.

Frank Joseph Gloeckner of Mascoutah to Nicole Rae Owen of Mascoutah.

Brian David Guriel of Belleville to Leann Reed Hisle of Belleville.

Luis Francisco Gutierrez-Escoto of Collinsville to Brittaney Shayne Kanaday of Collinsville.

Travis J. Hahn Holmes of Scott AFB to Kimberly N. Ammerman of Scott AFB.

Myron Bryan Hall of Washington Park to Mashonda Marchelle Nicholson of Centreville.

Andrew Donald Heap of Belleville to Josephine Ann Hipp of Belleville.

Christopher Paul Heins of Higginsville, Mo. to Adriane Abigail Dorr of Manchester, Mo.

Larry C. Hill of Belleville to Jasmine A. Lewis of St. Louis.

Andrew Holman Jr. of East St. Louis to Darcia Pauline Roby of East St. Louis.

Christopher E. Hoyle of Belleville to Colleen H. Kaelin of Belleville.

Neil P. Hughes of O'Fallon to Devonna J. Roever of O'Fallon.

George A. Jarvis of St. Peters, Mo. to Chung H. Huang of O'Fallon.

Kenneth W. Jett II of Belleville to Paula C. Mennig of Belleville.

Steven Dennis Johnson of Belleville to Deborah Marie Williams of Belleville.

Charles HEnry Kaemmerer of Collinsville to Hannah Lynn Tucker of Collinsville.

Ronald Brian Kaemmerer of Belleville to Candice Rae Brauer of Belleville.

Michael Patrick Keefe of Edwardsville to Vickie Ann Greenhill of Columbia.

Aaron Charles Keeney of Smithton to Nicole Marie Yocks of Smithton.

Roger Justin Keim of Mascoutah to Cheryl Lynn Braymer of Mascoutah.

Michael Joseph Kennedy of Glen Carbon to Kali Rosalie Carney of Glen Carbon.

Michael Andrew Kepler of O'Fallon to Amanda Lindsay Nixon of O'Fallon.

Paul Duane Kettwich of O'Fallon to Myrna Marie Havener of O'Fallon.

Jayde D. Langley of Belleville to Adrienne R. Vera of Fairfield, Calif.

Christopher L. Laythum of Lenzburg to Sherrie D. Stover of Lenzburg.

Jeremiah Adrian Lehde of Swansea to Mary Elizabeth Nelson of Swansea.

Randal Maurice Lewis Jr. of Belleville to Elisa Bianca Cunningham of Belleville.

Terrance L. Lexa Jr. of Belleville to Lisa R. Kadous of Belleville.

Leroy Lipson-Bey of St. Louis to Randle B. Lumpford of East St. Louis.

Stephen J. Lodes of Swansea to Cecilia M. Modarelli of Swansea.

Kevin Devaughn Marshall Jr. of Washington Park to Toska Tivonne Smith of East St. Louis.

Kaywone D. Martin of Belleville to Danielle C. Cotton of Belleville.

Kurt Charles McKay of St. Louis to Kena Tanese Crumer of St. Louis.

Jeremy M. McClure Sr. of Belleville to Crystal L. Howard of Belleville.

Michael D. McGuire of Fairview Heights to Phenika M. Ray of Fairview Heights.

Calvin C. McIntosh Jr. of East St. Louis to Betty A. Harrison of Cahokia.

Zachary Wayne Meinhart of O'Fallon to Stacey Elizabeth Hinkebein of O'Fallon.

Roy Gene Milburn of New Athens to Amelita Mamac Basan of New Athens.

Ronald Mitchell of Belleville to Jeannette Marie Douglas of Belleville.

Craig Howard Morgan of New Baden to Jacquita Susanne Benavente of New Baden.

William C. Mues of Caseyville to Catherine L. Mues of St. Louis.

Keith William O'Donnell of St. Louis to Carolyn Molly Marks of St. Louis.

Dennis A. Odom Sr. of Alorton to Shameika L. Smith of St. Louis.

Antonio C. Odom of Collinsville to Sheila L. Parker of Collinsville.

Roland Ojeda of Denver, Colo. to Jill Marie Kaufmann of Denver, Colo.

Garon Michael Osborn of St. Libory to Haley Jo Dressler of St. Libory.

Jonathan M. Osden of Belleville to Rachel E. Cormier of Belleville.

Byron S. Owens of Fairview Heights to Shayna L. Frost of Fairview Heights.

Wei Bin Pan of Collinsville to Dan Feng Lin of Collinsville.

Benjamin Alejandro Parada of Edwardsville to Shannon Christine McCarkel of Edwardsville.

Christopher Bernard Parks of Belleville to Angela Thai Watson of Belleville.

Joseph A. Pasqualucci of Fairview Heights to Regina K. West of O'Fallon.

Eric C. Paulek of Columbia to Kimberly D. Triefenbach of Columbia.

Donald Richard Pendegraft Jr. of Lebanon to Emily Ann Wise of Lebanon.

Bradley Michael Penet of Belleville to Kiira Ashlin Eversman of Belleville.

Lance R. Phelps of Belleville to Vivian W. Moore of Shiloh.

Thomas Eldridge Pipenberg of Hudson, Fla. to Amanda Lyn Lider of Mascoutah.

John R. Qualls of Smithton to Carey L. Good of Smithton.

Steven Henry Raetz Jr. of Freeburg to Bethany Amber Mudd of Freeburg.

Craig Benard Rainey Jr. of Belleville to Brie Anne Stephens of Belleville.

Uriel Ramos of Cahokia to Abigail Sanchez-Jeronimo of Cahokia.

Jake C. Reed of Madison to Annie L. Anderson of Madison.

Christopher R. Reilly of Belleville to Brittany M. Lutz of Belleville.

Rodney Roy Ringgenberg of Belleville to Marie Ann Martinez of Belleville.

Jordan Anthony Roper of Centralia to Andrea Lynn Haider of O'Fallon.

Kevin Robert Roush of O'Fallon to Michele Renee Weatherly of O'Fallon.

Aaron Joe Rujawitz of O'Fallon to Elizabeth Ann Foley of O'Fallon.

Jeremy Desean Sanders of Fairview Heights to Kevisha Damielle White of Fairview Heights.

Daniel Scott Scales of O'Fallon to Bonnie Susan Rollberg of O'Fallon.

Marcus Alan Schaffer of Lebanon to Mary Beth Gelsinger of Lebanon.

Dustin Alan Schallenberg of Highland to Amy Leigh Norman of Highland.

Michael Dominick Schieffer of Fairview Heights to Nicole Iris Anne Rogers of Fairview Heights.

Patrick M. Schmees of O'Fallon to Lindsay R. McNeely of O'Fallon.

Daniel Aaron Schrader of New Athens to Lindsey Katherine Sebeck of New Athens.

Brandon Michael Schwoebel of Fairview Heights to Shannon Elizabeth McCrave of Fairview Heights.

Michael T. Siddall of Belleville to Krista A. Layman of Belleville.

Alan Eugene Simmons Jr. of Belleville to Danette Latresh Montgomery of Belleville.

William R. Stewart of Caseyville to Leslie A. Corber of O'Fallon, Mo.

David Lucas Tate of Mascoutah to Mollie Jane Andresen of Mascoutah.

Williebe Thornton of Tacoma, Wash. to Veronica Ann Whittington of Marion.

Decarlon Tyrease Traylor of East St. Louis to Andrea Denise Rucker of East St. Louis.

Matthew Michael Truttmann of Smithton to Amy Renee Baker of Smithton.

Steven Vance Sr. of St. Johns, Overland, Mo.t o Laurie A. Cole of Lebanon.

Thomas J. Vincent of Fairview Heights to Dorian E. Bauer of Fairview Heights.

Steven Lavern Walker of O'Fallon to Jacqueline Sue Struttmann of O'Fallon.

Tirezz Walker of Lovejoy to Latoria R. Coleman of Lovejoy.

James E. Wann of New Athens to Nikolette M. Rea of New Athens.

David Brian Ward II of Belleville to Jessica Lynn Jones of Belleville.

Matthew Scott Weidman of Carol Stream to Melissa Elizabeth Zimmermann of Carol Stream.

Alfonzy Williams of East St. Louis to Lejeanne Verneice McNeese of East St. Louis.

Andre Cortez Williams of Fairview Heights to Babylyn Paro of Fairview Heights.

Efrem Royce Williams of Fairview Heights to Lynette Jamene Coates of Fairview Heights.

Jacob A. Williams of Granite City to Meagan V. Dotzauer of Granite City.

Michael Wright of Cahokia to Nicka L. Brown of Cahokia.

Jermel W. Wysinger of Collinsville to Ashlee L. Glover of Collinsville.


Zoe Jasmine Baldwin McNair of Warrensburg, Mo. to Chasity T-yana Burke of Warrensburg, Mo.

Cassandra Ann Coey of Belleville to Anita Lynn Lillie of Belleville.

Patricia A. Dowdy of Dupo to Linda S. Owen of Dupo.

Mary Beth Richards of Shiloh to Laura Michele Snider of Shiloh.

MADISON COUNTY - 10/16, 10/29

Nicholas William Tervasi of Bunker Hill to Bobbi Jean Hancock of Bunker Hill.

Raymond Lee Basinger of Cottage Hills to Jennifer Lynn Yenne of Cottage Hills.

Matthew-David Gatlin Livingston of Bethalto to Kara Ann Brooks of Bethalto.

Timothy Ryan Marks of Maryville to Casey Elizabeth Wiesemeyer of Maryville.

Andrew Frederick Stutz of Alton to Johanna Irene Raftis of Collinsville.

Lucas Adam Krumwiede of Glen Carbon to Maggie Ruth Rodeffer of Collinsville.

Matthew Jacob Chlibec of Bunker Hill to Sarah Kathleen Collins of Belleville.

Timothy Mark Baxa of Godfrey to Ashley Marie Corethers of Godfrey.

Charles Tyler Meeks of Godfrey to Whitney DAwn McMillian of Brighton.

Michael Lee Short Jr. of Highland to Chelsey Rachelle Ernst of Highland.

GAry Kurtis Shortridge of Troy to Jill Renee Sitton of Troy.

Brock Martin Nosbisch of Glen Carbon to Julie Marie Hainaut of Staunton.

Christopher Michael Stephens of Granite City of Holly Marie Sullenger of Granite City.

Seth Nicholas Wood of Alton to Rayleen nichole Wilkinson of Alton.

Blake Antione Giles of Alton to Dacia Juanette Simms of Alton.

Benjamin Louis Bauer of Granite City to Tanya Louis Miller of Granite City.

Andrew Joseph Siemer of Wood River to Samantha Lynn Voyles of Wood River.

Richard Lee Whitehead of Madison to Jessica Kristen Renee Riskovsky of Madison.

Shaun Mitchell Seibert of Edwardsville to Stacy Lynn Pfeiffer of Edwardsville.

Timothy Patrick O'Brien of Dixon to Mandy Lyn Harshaw of St. Louis.

Douglas Gary Throm of St. Louis to Stefanie Jean Marie Jackson of Alton.

Kevin Lamont Burns of Lebanon to Latika Shanee' Ward of Sparta.

Kyle Robert Traum of Pontoon Beach to Kate Elizabeth Campbell of Edwardsville.

Dax Nathaniel Gonzales of Alton to Jessica Rae Pyle of Alton.

Nicholas Lynn Wooley of Cottage Hills to Brittany Michelle Springer of Cottage Hills.

Ricahrd Daryl Brown Jr. of Staunton to Heather Leann Zumwalt of Staunton.

Tyler Benton Hawkins of Bethalto to Kelsey Erika Cruz of Bethalto.

Nicholas Ryan Keller of Belleville to Christina Nicole Harris of Belleville.

Andrew Lee Kaminski of Edwardsville to Katie Ann Dean of Edwardsville.

Steven Charles Kennedy of Wood River to Dora Dale Hefley of Wood River.

Zachary Michael Scheerer of Edwardsville to Elizabeth Marie Clines of Edwardsville.

Gerald Dominic Cicio II of Granite City to Tracy Lynne Mudd of Granite City.

Terry Lynn Jackson of Alton to Catherine Ann Gernigin of Alton.

Dakota Reheem Montgomery of Belleville to Taylor Shavonte Smith of Collinsville.

Ross Allen Bailey of Alton to Lisa Marie Hawkins of Alton.

Luke Joseph Sanders of East Alton to Brittany Lea Inman of East Alton.

Casey Anthony Montague of Troy to Kami Janelle Govero of Troy.

David Michael Sharp of Richview to Alexandria Elizabeth Ishum of Granite City.

Patrick Cory Feigenbutz of Granite City to Amy Lynn Steen of Granite City.

Jason Charles McMullen of Highland to Jaime Kathleen Maslar of Highland.

James Allen Carroll of South Roxana to Lori Beth Kokocinski-Hicks of South Roxana.

Cory Michael Wellen of Collinsville to Mary Elizabeth McFarlane of Collinsville.

Charles Logan Floyd Jr. of Arlington, Texas to Sarah Paige Shaw of Edwardsville.

Jeffrey Allen Martin of Florissant, Mo. to Elisabeth Ann Favrow of Alton.

Bryan Wayne Reynolds of Granite City to Olivia Katherine Marie Pritchard of Granite City.

Dennis James Mueller of Glen Carbon to Jennifer Rachel Coe of Glen Carbon.

Johnathon Louis Zumwalt of Granite City to Kerrie Ann Norman of Granite City.

Donald James Cummins of Wood River to Erin Elizabeth Leary of Bethalto.

Andrew Richard Hoth of East Alton to Dori Ellen Strader of East Alton.

Scott Gregory Briggs of Granite City to Susan Eileen Holt of Granite City.

Sean Patrick Gregory of Alton to Monica Lee Burton of Alton.

Joshua Monte Warren of Granite City to Ashley Nicole Lalla of Granite City.

Jessie Joe Garcia of Godfrey to Jami Sulynn Flanagan of Godfrey.

Richard Alan Hayden II of Collinsville to Dena Jo Devall of Collinsville.

Wayne Donald Dersch of San Diego, Calif. to Michelle Colleen Catlett of San Diego, Calif.

Ryan Andrew McGee of Marine to Brooke Nicole Eunice Satterlee of Marine.

Joshua David Arnsman of Mendon to Carley Ann Thurston of Mendon.

Devin Alan Williams of Collinsville to Shannon Lee Strong of Collinsville.

Ryan Michael Hunter of Granite City to Kellie Michelle Mims of Granite City.

Richard Lynn Smith Jr. of Godfrey to Brianne Marie Baird of Godfrey.

Andrew Patrick Long of Collinsville to Brittany Nicole Craig of Collinsville.

Zachariah Nicholas Hay of Fort Walton Beach, Fla. to Amber Michelle Cottingham of Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

Brian Ray Wallace of Granite City to Amanda Marie Needs of Granite City.

Christian Rath of Peoria to Kristin Marie Setser of Peoria.

Kyle William Stigler of Fairview Heights to Emily Ann Hoffman of Fairview Heights.

Trevor Thomas Karius of Maryville to Katherine Ann Wilson of Maryville.

James Gilbert Hall Jr. of Granite City to Patricia Lynn Prazma of Granite City.

Rodney Wayne Knott Jr. of Collinsville to Kimberly Faye Ruan of Collinsville.

Timothy Michael Rehkemper of Kinmundy to Stephanie Nicole Bell of Vandalia.

Rick Allen Lechner Jr. of Great Falls, Mont., to Crystal Marie Hendrix of Great Falls, Mont.

Richard Lee Ingram Jr. of Alton to Cecelia Ann Slack of Alton.

Steven Edward Switzer of Swansea to Patricia Ann Engler of Troy.

Justin Michael Hodge of Alton to Megan Louise Wooff of Alton.

Andrew Todd Junck of Millstadt to Dawn Marie Reiniger of Collinsville.

Jordan Patrick Agne of Collinsville to Meagan Marie Valentine of Morris.

Matthew Thomas Sebastian of Collinsville to Adrienne Marie Orf of Collinsville.

Harold Lee Kite II of Granite City to Brandie Rachelle Odom of Granite City.

Robert Felton Merwin of Marine to Heather Nicole Lux of Highland.

Eric Michael Thaxton of Troy to Pamela Ellen Literski of Troy.

Bradley Wayne Schoen of Staunton to Wendy Marie Soapes of Staunton.

Matthew Everett Cauble of Granite City to Nicolette Louise Davis of Granite City.

Jason Philip Hardas of Highland to Amy Beth White of Highland.

Jordan Lucas Samuel Evans of Morgantown, Ky., to Leah Irene Miller of Godfrey.

Robert Stanley Biarkis of Glen Carbon to Kathryn Sue Stullken of Edwardsville.

Rafael Daniel Gonzalez of Collinsville to Kelsey Len Baumgartner of Edwardsville.

Robert Terry Pacheco Jr. of Granite City to Christy Renee Leith of Granite City.

Philip Michael Schuyler of East Alton to Shanna De'Anne Bress of East Alton.

Jake Cornell Reed of Madison to Annie Louise Anderson of Madison.

David Lee Hoskin Barkley III of Collinsville to Stacey Marie Harris of Collinsville.

Thomas Russell Guarino of East Alton to Jemeliah Sade Smith of East Alton.

Joseph Mathew Kinworthy of Granite City to Andrea Viola Dudley of Granite City.

Jason Michael Morgan of Granite City to Dawne Renee Taylor of Granite City.

William Clifford Hefner of Cottage Hills to Wendy Sue Boner of Cottage Hills.

Daniel Joseph Wombacher of Alton to Ora Antoinette Eason of Alton.

Scott Andrew Lucas of Alton to Kathryn Rose Haar of Alton.

Thomas Kimbel Spencer of Bethalto to Deborah Rae Ringering of Bethalto.

Michael Joseph Sheff of Edwardsville to Emily Jane Willeford of East Alton.

Alexander Eugene Farnworth of Collinsville to Allison Elizabeth Vandyke of Collinsville.

Joseph Wayne Damron of Granite City to Candace Gayle Staicoff of Granite City.

Brian Ashly Lair of Godfrey to Hope Elizabeth Izard of Godfrey.

Mark Steven Garloch of Collinsville to Holly Crystal Gill of Collinsville.

Zachary James O'Neal Lewis of Bethalto to Ashley Renee Moore of Bethalto.

Jeffrey Claybrook Hudzik of Granite City to Rebecca Jean Reutebuch of Granite City.

Jermaine Perry Jr. of Granite City to Jasmine Monique Miller of Granite City.

Vincent Angelo Sanvi of Granite City to Amy Grace Simpson of Granite City.

Jonathan Peter Drummond of Wood River to Krystal Marie Isom of Wood River.

Kenneth Liu Sloan of Collinsville to Lisa Rachelle White of Collinsville.

David Allen Meeks of Phoenix, Ariz., to Emily Michelle Williams of Phoenix, Ariz.

Stephen Arthur Pierce of O'Fallon to Angel Marie Jennings of Waterloo.

Kyle Andrew Goodnight of Wood River to Stephanie LeAnn Hartley of Wood River.

Gary Alvon Ammons of Alton to Valeria Lynn Woods of Alton.

Kyle Michael Bassett of Wood River to Valerie Lynn Robinson of Wood River.

Levi Justin Locke of Alton to Corey Elizabeth Thornton of Alton.

Andrew Joseph Hall of Bethalto to Marlee Louise Graser of Bethalto.

Vernon Delmar Krotz of St. Jacob to Stephanie A. Cooper of St. Jacob.

Justin Allen Hurt of Alton to Shannon Laura Hurt of Alton.

James Allen Pruett of Burlington, Iowa, to April Lynn Boatman of Burlington, Iowa.

Jerry Malone Hunter Jr. of Troy to Lori Ann Wein of Troy.

Jon Preston Harley of Granite City to Lisa Marie Kleier of Granite City.

Elliott Lewis Lee Bradshaw of St. Jacob to Amanda Lynn Lewis of Belleville.

Douglas Michael Foster of Bethalto to Trudy Ann Walton of Hazelwood, Mo.

Andrew Jay Mullins of Pontoon Beach to Lacey Shae' Kirkwood of Pontoon Beach.

Andrew Albert Kline of Bunker Hill to Vickie Lynn Hayes of Granite City.

Riley Edward Tanner of Alton to Ashley Nicole Baugh of Edwardsville.

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