Sound-off 12/2

December 2, 2013 

I wanted to remind everyone whining about the website for the Affordable Care Act insurance plans that if we would have whined and complained about glitches with the Space Shuttle, we would never have had a landing on the moon and we wouldn't have a space station now. People died to make that happen. It was no easy task. Neither is programming a claim processing system. Ask anyone who works for an insurance company. Give it a rest. The government will do what it can to help people.

The myth of JFK

I always get a kick this time of year reading all about the Kennedy assassination and what a great president he was. Let's see, in just 2.5 years he almost got into a nuclear war with Russia because of his perceived weakness and he was the one who really started escalating Vietnam. It's just interesting how the media can create a god like they are doing now with President Obama.

There go our doctors

I have been watching every minute of this Obamacare debacle. I'm shocked that so many Democrats have lost their minds. They are addicted to horrible-name calling against the Republicans and Nancy Pelosi has gone off the rails and the president, as they say, is in the weeds. He doesn't have a clue about what is going on and he could not tell the truth if it bopped him on the head. Thanks, Mr. President. I've lost three of my doctors and my GP might be gone next March if he and United Healthcare don't come to terms. God help us all; oops, sorry, we can't say anything about God anymore.

Check expiration date

This message is for the Scrooges in the area. The Wehrenberg can festival is coming up and I would like to suggest to not clean out your cupboards and donate your expired items. The purpose of the fundraiser is to collect food for the needy, not to clean out your cupboards of your expired food. Please donate things people can use.

Airport won't take off

I have one question. What do the employees at MidAmerica Airport at Mascoutah do? I see few planes or cars there but they are given a budget of $5.5 million from St. Clair County -- my money. Who is it going to and for what? The airport is a bust. Call it a white elephant. Turn it into a sports complex, maybe they can make some money -- basketball, football, soccer, whatever. It's never going to be an airport.

Keep pets warm

It's that time of year for those who have outdoor pets. Please take a little care and time to make sure they are warm. Many pets outside are not kept warm enough and can suffer greatly.

How far do cuts go?

I applaud the Fairview Heights City Council for its cost-cutting measures. However, I wonder if the cost cutting also included the aldermen's annual junket to Chicago.

What now for guns?

In Section B of the Nov. 24 newspaper, a picture of St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson and St. Clair State's Attorney Brendan Kelley with the more than 100 weapons they collected recently. One hundred weapons. Can someone tell us what happens to these weapons? Are they destroyed? Or are they sold to somebody else? Please let us know.

Not front-page news

Regarding the front-page article about the Belleville mayor's wife getting her purse snatched: I know several women in Belleville who have had the same experience including myself and we were lucky if it was in a small section in the police blotter. At her age has she not learned not to put her purse in public view? I learned that as a child. And her husband was at Mariachi's when it happened, really? Was he interviewing another person for a non-posted Belleville position?

A work in progress

In regard to your editorial praising the character building in Belleville schools, you must not notice children who hurl insults at people waiting at the stoplights right by your building. There and among other places in downtown Belleville, where I live, I have been subjected to such abuses in many cases. It makes me understand that both parents and educators have plenty more work to do. Respect and character do go hand in hand. It's important to remember that in Belleville or anywhere else.

Thanks for nothing

Only the corrupt Democrats would want to give all of their golden Democratic cohorts who work in the St. Clair County courthouse a raise when the corrupt Democrats have just destroyed the economy in Illinois and got us involved in every lousy deal like the state workers' pensions being $100 billion short. Nobody else in this state gets a raise but they'll turn around and reward their loyal workers with a raise. Thanks a lot, Democrats. I hope the people in this county remember them on Election Day.

Get the facts right

The Sound-off caller who wrote the advice for the mayor in Caseyville doesn't know what he's talking about. Mayor Leonard Black does not own that empty house next to the Laundromat and the robber was not caught there. The robber was caught in the 300 block of Brookside; that is the 100 block. He needs to get his stories straight.

Not safe downtown

I read the report about the Belleville mayor's wife having her purse stolen near her store, and it made me feel that Belleville is not a safe place. The mayor of all people said it is safe to shop in downtown Belleville, but he had better think again. If it happens to the mayor's wife it could happen to anybody. Would I come and shop in downtown Belleville or walk the street after a certain hour? Absolutely not. I agree with the caller who asked what kind of shoes she had on that she could chase a thief down the road?

We paid for benefits

I'm calling about a couple of comments in the paper. First regarding the person who says that when you get your Social Security, check thank a Democrat: My husband and I together paid into Social Security and Medicare for 75 years, so that is our money that we worked for. Regarding the comment about so much hate for the president and this country: It's not just the Republicans, it's the Democrats too. They keep trying to sneak things through. Look what they did to Obamacare. It's a mess.

Revisionist history

I'm astonished by the ignorance of people who call into the paper. First, one person blames Republicans because of the Obamacare problems and say that no Republicans voted for Social Security or Medicare. Obviously this person has not read a history book, otherwise they would know both was packed with backing from Republicans. Second, another one said that since President Obama has been in office, the Republicans have opposed everything he's come up with. Obama told the Republicans, "We don't need you, we won the election." He set the tone, not the Republicans.

Great no more

How many times has a letter appeared in this newspaper that contains the phrase, "this is the greatest nation on earth." Really? Maybe the phrase should say it once was the greatest nation on earth. America has gone from a highly industrial economy resplendent with jobs to a nation that has seen its industry move offshore and have a consistent unemployment rate near 10 percent. We've seen our political public servants go from just that to become unscrupulous individuals who fill their pockets at every opportunity. We've seen our once honorable political system turn into a cesspool of corruption in our cities, counties, states and nation.

Our partisan ways

I love revisiting history. The breakdown of bipartisanship in Washington, D.C., started with the election of George Bush. The Democrats swore he stole the election and would never work with the man. President Obama made this worse when he became president and told moderate Republicans such as Sen. John McCain: We won the election, we'll do it our way and we don't need your help. That's exactly what's gotten us into this position.

This isn't hunting

Although I've been a hunter all my life, I've never hunted deer. Quail and water fowl have been enough for me. But deer hunters are just special. I don't know anyone else who would buy camouflage for an animal that is color blind then douse themselves with doe urine or some kind of scent, put out salt or other food and spend money to put a tree stand up so they can be a sniper. That's not hunting, that's killing, that's trapping. I don't hold those guys in high esteem at all. I know some people actually need the meat, but the far greater number just want a trophy or the thrill of a kill.

GOP on the right side

Very interesting to see that the St. Clair County Board OK'd the fee increases to prevent layoffs of county employees. The most interesting thing about it is all the Republicans voted against the increases in fees. Democrats aren't taking too good of care of the people, are they county voters?

Township troubles

The people of Caseyville Township need to check out the activities of the elected board. I read that trustees have hired a security guard for their meetings. Strange that this happened only after citizens began questioning the board's actions. This just sounds like intimidation. I've also heard that they've lost a huge lawsuit because of their arrogance and lack of knowledge of the law. But don't look for the St. Clair County State's Attorney or the Illinois Attorney General to look into this cesspool of waste and mismanagement.

Mixed-up priorities

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks wants to continue the longstanding policies and institutions in the city. Maybe the policy of keeping political cronies on the payroll has some part of reducing the population to one-third of what it was in the past. These longstanding institutions of robbery and murder are not the way to go. Saving money from the cost of operating the Board of Elections and spending it instead on police officers might help to not have such a population reduction.

Just park and pay

Seriously, are we still complaining about paying a quarter to park the car? A recent letter writer claims he'll just take his business to St. Louis. Has he ever parked for free in St. Louis? This is not a new phenomenon. I shopped downtown with my mom 40 years ago and never once heard her complain about paying the meter. Actually, a quarter is nothing. At many meters I've been to, you better have a credit card handy.

No limits on lying

President Obama lying to the people about Obamacare is about like Rep. John Shimkus lying to the people about how many terms he would serve in Congress. Democrats and Republicans both lie.

Lost commandment?

If homosexuality is such a sin against God, then why wasn't it included in the Ten Commandments?

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