7 file for congressional seat; Madison County GOP has no sheriff candidate

News-DemocratDecember 2, 2013 

Rodney Davis.

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A horserace with seven candidates for one Congressional seat and an empty spot opposite an embattled sheriff highlighted the candidacy petitions turned in for the March primary.

Candidates had to file petitions by the end of the day Monday in order to run on the March primary ballot in Illinois.

In the 13th Congressional District, freshman incumbent Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville) has two GOP challengers in the primary: Urbana attorney Erika Harold and Moro veterinarian Michael Firsching.

On the Democratic side, former chief judge Ann Callis faces Champaign professor George Gollin, policy analyst David Green of Champaign and retired truck driver Bill Byrnes of Bloomington.

Meanwhile, longtime Madison County Sheriff Bob Hertz faces a Democratic primary challenge from Glen Carbon Police Chief John Lakin, formerly a major in the sheriff's department. Hertz currently faces two federal lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and retaliation against an employee.

But there is no Republican candidate for sheriff -- yet. Madison County Republican Party Chairman Andrew Carruthers said the party can slate a candidate after the primary if it chooses.

"We've had a number of people express an interest in running for sheriff, some of whom would be very good, but they want to see how the (Democratic) primary turns out," Carruthers said. "I suspect we will slate a candidate for sheriff following the primary."

Candidates who filed petitions by Monday to run in the primary for congressional and state offices:

13th Congressional District

Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville)

Erika Harold (R-Urbana)

Michael Firsching (R- Moro)

Ann Callis (D-Edwardsville)

George Gollin (D-Champaign)

David Green (D-Champaign)

Bill Byrnes (D-Bloomington)

12th Congressional District

Bill Enyart (D-Belleville)

Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro)

Paula Bradshaw (Green-Carbondale)

15th Congressional District

John Shimkus (R-Collinsville)

Eric Thorsland (D-Mahomet)

112th Illinois House District

Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon)

Cullen Cullen (D-Edwardsville)

57th District Illinois Senate

James Clayborne (D-Belleville)

54th District Illinois Senate

Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon)

113th District Illinois Representative

Melinda Hult (R-Belleville)

Jay Hoffman (D-Swansea)

114th District Illinois Representative

Eddie Lee Jackson (D-East St. Louis)

116th District Illinois Representative

Jerry Costello II (D-Smithton)

108th District Illinois Representative

Charlie Meier (R-Okawville)

111th District Illinois Representative

Dan Beiser (D-Alton)

107th District Illinois Representative

John Cavaletto (R-Salem)

Josh Berger (D-Centralia)

Candidates who filed petitions by Monday to run in St. Clair County:


Richard "Rick" Watson (D-Cahokia)

Roy A. Mickens (D-East St. Louis)


Jennifer Gomric Minton (D-Belleville)


Thomas "Tom" Holbrook (D-Belleville)


Charles Suarez (D-Swansea)

Rodger Cook (R-St. Libory)

Board of Review

Charlotte R. Moore (D-East St. Louis)

Educational Service Region

Susan Sarfaty (D-Belleville)

County Board

District 1

Robert Allen Jr. (D-Fairmont City)

Rob Dorman (R-Collinsville)

District 2

Joan McIntosh (D-Washington Park)

Edith A. Moore (D-East St. Louis)

Mack Slater (D-Washington Park)

District 3

Oliver W. Hamilton (D-East. St. Louis)

Matthias "Matt" Hawkins (D-East St. Louis)

District 12

Angela Grossmann-Roewe (D-Belleville)

Guy N. Don Carlos (R-Belleville)

District 13


District 18

Craig Hubbard (R-O'Fallon)

District 21

Frank "FX" Heiligenstein (D-Freeburg)

District 23

Dennis P. Renner (D-O'Fallon)

District 27

Kenneth G. Sharkey (D-Fairview Heights)

Matthew R. Stirrup (R-Fairview Heights)

District 28

Joseph J. Kasskley Jr. (D-Fairview Heights)

Timothy L. Buchanan (R-Swansea)

Candidates who filed petitions by Monday to run in Madison County:


Debbie Ming-Mendoza (D-Granite City)

Steve Adler (R-Alton)


Kurt Prenzler (R-Edwardsville)

Marleen Suarez (D-Collinsville)


Bob Hertz (D-Maryville)

John Lakin (D-Maryville)

District 5

Mick Madison (R-Bethalto)

District 9

Jim Dodd (D-Alton)

Terrence Peterson (R-Alton)

District 10

Bruce Malone (D-Alton)

District 11

Don Weber (R-Troy)

Brad Maxwell (R-Edwardsville)

District 12

Steven Kochan (D-Wood River)

District 14

Tom McRae (R-Bethalto)

District 16

Helen Hawkins (D-Granite City)

District 21

Arthur Asadorian (D-Granite City)

District 23

Gussie Glasper (D-Venice)

District 25

Jamie Goggin (R-Edwardsville)

Candidates who filed for circuit judgeships:

20th Judicial Circuit

Heinz Rudolf, D-Belleville

Steve McGlynn, R-Belleville

3rd Judicial Circuit

Clarence Harrison, D-Collinsville

John Barberis, R-St. Jacob

Note: Some last-minute filings may not have been reported yet, according to the clerk's office.

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