Lies fly at MidAmerica Airport

December 2, 2013 

I would like to reply to the letter by Ron Ahrens in the Nov. 3 paper in which he contends that MidAmerica Airport did not save Scott Air Force Base from closure.

While I will not dispute Ahrens' contention that the airport was no savior of Scott, I would like to expound upon other aspects of the airport as brought out by Ahrens.

Local residents did get to vote in a non-binding referendum and the airport was blatantly rejected. The message put forward was that we did not want it. Our rejection of the airport is akin to what a Canadian once said about American draft dodgers in Canada during the Vietnam War. The Canadian said: "We did not want your undesirables then or now." The Canadians did not appreciate American draft dodgers converging and they still do not appreciate the draft dodgers being in their country. In much the same way, we did not want the airport any time before and we do not appreciate it as a tax dollar leech now. Also, in much the same way, the Canadian government did not ascribe to the desires of its constituents any more than our local area political cult served us for what we wanted.

Ahrens brought out how local politicians and the county board predicted the creation of thousands of jobs and millions of people flying out of the airport. In other words, airport propaganda sounded like prosperity was just around the corner. (Not to mention additional propaganda of a McDonnell-Douglas plant locating at the airport and creating thousands of more jobs.) In summation, Scott joint use propaganda was akin to a pack of lies.

To anyone who may still think that building the airport was a good idea, I have a question I would like to see answered: Where are those 15,000 jobs that the airport was predicted to bring in? I would like to see anyone address that issue.

Frank B. Austin


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