Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition

December 2, 2013 

God made the United States a great nation for the love of Jesus.

God created the U.S. for freedom from taxation without representation.

God knows the U.S. government is dysfunctional in 2013. God knows the missing link is the U.S. government trust in the U.S. citizens; a voice crying in the wilderness.

The U.S. government has lied, spied and taxed the U.S. people to death. History is repeating itself in 2013 from 1776.

The U.S. government is taking the U.S. citizens' freedoms away in 2013 to put in the New World Order garbage cans.

The 21st Century civil war will be fought by the U.S. government against the U.S. citizens for taking away the freedoms of the U.S. citizens; worse than slavery of the black man.

When the U.S. government declares martial law to get the people's guns, then the 21st Century Revolutionary War will start.

Don't tread on the U.S. citizens, New World Order tyrants.

This great republic called the U.S.A. will still stand with the Christians remnant. The New World Order hierarchies will be defeated for the battle is the Lord's and victory is in Jesus.

George Culley


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