Basic teachings abandoned

December 4, 2013 

So we've been taught from childhood and beyond one thing. But the actions of our Supreme Court justices and the "now" majority of our congressmen speak differently.

One man, one woman. I've heard through the above-mentioned people and many "God-fearing Christians" that it is time to recognize that we must "advance our culture." What I take from that is, of course, how can the all-knowing, all-loving creator of us all not know about the 21st century?

Yes, our culture of gay/lesbian marriage. Have we forgotten the creation? Have we forgotten Sodom and Gomorrah? Have we forgotten "go forth and multiply"?

I've heard from our people of a newer culture the argument about the rights of their children. What children? Will we now prepare our children in teachings of the laws and words of our creator of the new culture? I suppose until we all burn in hell.

This culture we have created has been the failure of man and women to deal with the responsibility in marriage. This is a social problem, not a new, ungodly culture.

Shame on our so-called defenders of our Constitution. Where and how are we ruling as a Christian nation?

Brad Ireland


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