Is this Obama's endgame?

December 4, 2013 

You might wonder why President Obama told the American people a number of times that if they liked their health insurance they could keep it. Why would he tell such a whopper when he knew it was a lie and it was so easily detectable?

Why did the Department of Health and Human Services decide to go ahead and try to implement Obamacare when they knew two weeks before the Oct. 1 start date that it was not ready?

Obviously Obama wants Obamacare to fail. He had already started his campaign of blaming Obamacare's failure on Republicans and the insurance companies. Obama knew the insurance companies were going to cancel people and raise rates. The Congressional Budget Office made him aware of this years ago.

So what is next? Let's get the insurance companies out of the mix by letting the government hire the doctors and run the hospitals. How about a single-payer system also known as socialized medicine? If Obama can't get it done through Congress he will issue an executive order. Why not, he has done it before?

And if letter writers like Gene Robke think socialized medicine is the answer to our problem, they don't have a clue about what we are in for. The only answer is to vote in a Republican Senate and retain a Republican House.

Writer Jim Walters always called President Bush Pinocchio, so I wonder what he will do with the four Pinocchios the Washington Post gave Obama?

Leon Anderson


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