Thrown by Obamacare

December 5, 2013 

It appears the transformation of our country from a free republic to a communist/socialist country may have hit a wall of protest with the rollout of the administration's long anticipated health care law.

The progressive culture always astounds me. Proponents of it never seem to know how things work in the real world. I think that is one reason this government is so full of fraud and mismanagement and wastes so much of our wealth.

The Affordable Care Act was only the first step of the administration's goal of implementing a single payer health care program. All Americans with the exception of the elite government people would have to be enrolled in the single payer system to make it a viable program. This is how it has worked in all quasi socialist or communist countries.

Having traveled extensively, I always made it a point to learn the culture and social norms of the countries I traveled to. Health care was always a topic of discussion. I found that health care coverage would run from excellent to nonexistent. But most people would agree that the United States and some European countries offer the best quality health care in the world. The worst places were the communist countries.

We, the people, need to make wise choices in the 2014 election. Get educated on who forced the Affordable Care Act down our throats. Progressives and Democrats, beware.

William D. Coulson


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