Seeing is upsetting

December 6, 2013 

We are now seeing what the Affordable Care Act law is all about. It is going to force the middle class, small business owners and young people off their current plans or force them to go without health care. For some people who do get covered, premiums will cost more and there will be higher deductibles.

Addressing the non-functioning hacker's dream of a website would use too many words.

More and more doctors will refuse to take Medicaid and Medicare. Those patients will have fewer doctors to choose from, have substandard care and suffer long waits. Jobs are being lost or hours cut, which will force more people onto welfare.

The wealthy and government elitists will still be able to access the best possible care while the rest of us get Obamacare. The health care system we had was not perfect, but it was better than what they are forcing on us now. Contrary to what we constantly hear from this president, the "other" side has offered other ideas. Republicans have introduced at least four comprehensive bills as alternatives to this Affordable Care Act.

The insurance companies are getting government subsidies to make up for all those individual plans that were just canceled and for all the bells and whistles they are required to provide. And who is going to pay for all this? The taxpayers, of course.

The real winners in all this are the insurance companies.

Kathy Craig

New Baden

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