Crime makes the case for capital punishment

December 6, 2013 

Recent letters by Hal Inabinet and Kathy DeSpain-Rogers point to the need to reinstate the death penalty in view of the barbaric murder of 85-year-old Yoko Cullen.

If I were in any position of judicial authority, and the method of execution was my option, I would send Cullen's murderers to the electric chair.

Cullen survived bombing raids over Japan in which fire-producing ordinance was widely used. Ironically, her murder nearly seven decades later was by means of fire. She is to be respectfully remembered for what she endured in 1945, and the smug "gotcha" smile of her cowardly murderer should be eradicated from her murderer's face.

As stated by Inabinet, we need to elect people who have the courage to serve and protect us, not control us -- and especially not to bow to bleeding heart liberal wimps who oppose the death penalty.

Frank B. Austin


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