Conservative leaders needed to save Illinois

December 7, 2013 

Illinois is the most corrupt, indebted state ever. Successive governors bequeathed Illinois the worst ever national credit rating, costing taxpayers millions. And the pension reform vote made it worse.

To his credit, Republican Rep. Dwight Kay exposed the "compromise" solution for the joke it is.

Gov. Pat Quinn claims the new law will raise or save $160 billion over the next 30 years. But only 10 percent of that will go to the pension fund. Ninety percent will fund undefined new spending.

We don't need costly Big Ten-Ivy League consultants. Elect a governor and legislators who will visit, study and listen to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who saved that state from becoming bankrupt like Illinois.

Walker told voters prior to the election what he would do. And he did it. Following his success a recall election was held but Walker won by a greater margin than before.

Wisconsin now has a healthy budget surplus as do local school boards.

Illinois taxpayers expecting this current group of legislative clowns to reduce spending is akin to expecting the Apple Dumpling Gang led by Don Knotts to erase the debt -- you know, the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

This simple Illinois farmer believes electing fiscally conservative candidates in both parties; primaries can yet save our beloved Illinois.

Loren E. Klaus

Glen Carbon

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