Vote 'yes' on Grant school referendum

December 7, 2013 

I am a fifth grader at Grant Middle School. An issue will be on the ballot about a school district tax increase that a lot of grownups have opinions about. I think kids should have opinions, too. I think that we should vote "yes" for the tax increase so the district schools can stay open.

The schools use the money for supplies, computers, teachers, etc. Also we had to cut music class, art, the gifted program, computers and health. I really wish that we could have those things back.

What I don't understand is that if people vote "yes" we have a small tax increase, but if they vote "no" then they will have to pay lots more taxes to send students to different schools.

I don't want our schools to close. The teachers are nice and we have lots of fun. I would miss my friends and the sports at our school. Also some of my friends have been going to school with me since preschool.

I hope people will vote "yes" so we can save our schools.

Malcolm Edwards

Fairview Heights

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