Ask again for annexation into Grant district

December 7, 2013 

French Village residents: Don't assume that you cannot annex to Grant School 110. Ask the right questions of the right person, who happens to be Grant Superintendent Matt Stines.

When the first French Village annexation petition was filed in the late 1990s, available classroom space and transportation costs were the issues for Grant 110. It's a different story now, the situation has changed. Go ahead, ask Matt. His answer might surprise you.

Which school district might actually fight a petition to annex into Grant 110? Possibly East St. Louis District 189. Why would the district resist students leaving? The answer is funding.

According to District 189's Illinois Interactive Report Card for 2012 (on the State Board of Education's website), General Aid alone provides $9,058 per student. Include all state and federal funding, and that figure jumps to $16,229 per student. If French Village residents ask to send 100 of District 189's students to Grant 110, do you think District 189 might have a problem with that and the loss of $1.6 million?

So ask Grant 110 about possible annexation. Do this quickly and you, too, might be able to vote on Grant 110's March referendum. A successful Grant referendum and annexation would lower your current school tax rates by a lot.

Darrell Sy

Fairview Heights

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