A better way to conduct government business

December 7, 2013 

We often comment that government ought to operate more like private business, and wonder of wonders, even some government bureaucrats now see it that way.

The enlightenment comes as a result of the Healthcare.gov debacle. The website when rolled out Oct. 1 was the poster child for what's wrong with the government way: Clunky, ineffective and costly.

A recent Health and Human Services report states that the problems are quickly being fixed because "the team is operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness."

Too bad the team wasn't operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness from the start. Many Americans trying to buy health care on the website might have been spared days of frustration and the Obama administration a huge embarrassment.

Now if only the government would apply that private sector lesson to Social Security and veterans disability claims, immigration, and a host of other clunky government programs.

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