What are you most looking forward to over the holidays?

December 8, 2013 

We talked to folks Tuesday afternoon at "Holiday Cheer at the Rotunda," an annual event at East St. Louis City Hall that included entertainment and vendors.

"I'm looking forward to spending time with my family. I don't look forward to having the less fortunate not be fortunate."

Marilyn Nnamdi, 57


outreach coordinator for Project Compassion

"I'm looking forward to helping others and I don't look forward to all the traffic."

Rachel Jackson-Bramwell, 33


executive director of Project Compassion

"I look forward to having time off to enjoy my family and my pets. I least look forward to taking down the tree. (Sometimes) my cats help me take it down a little too early."

Ledy Van Kavage, 57


senior legal attorney for Best Friends Animal Society

"Cold weather is what I don't look forward to. What I look forward to is spending time with my family and a week of vacation."

Jennifer Upton, 39


nurst at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and with works Gateway Pet Guardians, an organzation that offers free spay and neutering clinics for pit bulls

"I'm looking forward to spending time with family members who I don't usually spend time with, those who are outside of my immediate family. I don't look forward to how crowded it is. I live in Fairview Heights."

Tesha Robinson, 27

Fairview Heights

social worker for St. Louis Public Schools and founder and principal of NewYu Academy, a junior high and high school she plans to open in East St. Louis next year

"I love spending time with family and getting together with close family and friends, and I like the food, the cookies, especially the peanut butter kisses. I don't like the traffic."

Danae Holling, 35


University of Phoenix student majoring in psychology and Upsilon Omega Psi (virtual sorority) rep

"My favorite part of the holidays is my family. We are a military family. I was a military brat. I grew up all over. I enjoy cooking. In my family, it's my pumpkin pies that everybody likes. I look forward to snow. Please tell me there will be snow on the ground for Christmas. To be honest, there's not anything I don't look forward to."

Penny Swanson, 41


receptionist and independent Scentsy consultant

"What I really look forward to is family, loved ones and friends getting together and having a joyous time. What I least look forward to is all that eating because I am going to gain weight. I especially like my aunt's German chocolate cheesecake."

Fred Middlebrook, 49


financial rep at St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Louis

"Going shopping with my auntie and at 12 o'clock on Christmas we open the presents. I hope I get a new charger for my tablet. I don't look forward to being at home and bored. I look forward to going to school after the holidays."

Eboni Jackson, 9

east St. Louis

fourth-grader at Legacy Christian Academy in Caseyville

"I look forward to spending time with my children. I have two children and seven grandchilden. This time of year, I don't look forward to the cold weather."

Carolyn Atchison, 62


retired from a social services position with Mers Goodwill rehab center

"I look forward to hanging out with family and getting presents and clothes. I don't look forward to getting sick."

Mia Jackson, 10

East St. Louis

fourth-grader at Legacy Christian Academy in Caseyville

"I'm looking forward to family and laughing, and least looking forward to the cold weather."

Lillian Parks-Goins, 16

East St. Louis/Edwardsville

junior at Edwardsville High School

"The time together and fellowship. We have a big chili party at our house. This year, it's Dec 21, a few days before Christmas. My least favorite thing about Christmas is when it ends."

Lauren Parks, 47

East St. Louis

executive assistant to the mayor of East St. Louis

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