Real estate: What's the selling price on homes in your neighborhood?

December 9, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 1029 Forest Ave.; from Dennis Pagel and Khara E. Moehle-Pagel; to David C. Poynter; $78,500.

* 726 S. First St.; from Earl S. Reed III; to Feliece Murrell; $9,000.

* 376 Roanoke Drive; from Denise Chastain; to Phillip L. Neal; $95,000.

* 1011 Arthur St.; from Megan M. Terrell and Jamon A. Terrell; to Gabi E. Huber; $68,000.

* 5905 Heritage Station Road; from Thomas J. Ackerman and Malana L. Ackerman; to Cassel Construction LLC; $72,000.

* 78 Country Club Plat; from Mary Jo Hanvey and Barry D. Dix; to Jerry Trent Jr.; $170,000.

* 27 Sherwood Forest; from Community Bank of Trenton; to Bryan Fuchs; $15,500.

* 1791 Naughton Way; from Gerald D. Allaen and Germany A. Allen; to Placid B. Cardoz and Angela M. Cardoz; $248,000.

* 20 Gatewood Court; from Keith E. Becherer and April Becherer; to Katherine R. Young; $85,000.

* 2927 Mary Irens; from Community Bank of Trenton; to Thomas G. Geiger; $20,000.


* 901 LaSalle Drive; from RWLS III LLC; to Vernon Meadows and Maicela Barron; $27,000.

* 809 Sparks Ave.; from Chad Farris; to Robinson Realty LLC; $20,000.

* 430 Garrison Ave.; from EH Pooled 313 LP; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $13,000.

* 120 St. James Lane; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Horizon Trust Co.; $42,500.


* 423 S. 7th St.; from Orville D. Walker; to Margaret E. Whitener; $52,500.


* 432 Audry Drive; from Ginger Ritter and Nicholas Ritter; to Amanda Wolf; $130,000.

* 325 Louisa Ave.; from Judith A. Benlien; to Cathy Roy; $87,500.


* 414 N. 73rd St.; from Donald Terry; to Gina G. Jackson; $7,500.


* 118 Stites Ave.; from Timothy Dew; to RNW Properties LLC; $99,424 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 41 Countryside Lane; from Deb Raterman; to Francesca D. Foele; $48,000.


* 108 S. Vine St.; from Jacqueline A. Otten; to Timothy M. Aldridge and Molly J. Ludwig; $112,500.


* 506 S. Herman St.; from Jeffrey Becherer and Sheila Becherer; to Ryan Becherer; $70,000.


* 513 Jackson St.; from Nicholas Carr and Lindsay Carr; to Thomas Kolak; $173,000.

* 503 N. Jefferson St.; from Roert Wolfersberger; to James E. Hoffmann Jr. and Cynthia J. Hoffmann; $105,000.

* 1131 Beechcraft Blvd.; from Matthew E. Gilbert and Rebecca A. Gilbert; to Nicholas Henke and Tara Henke; $212,000.


* 2522 Sweet Birch Lane; from Phyllis Lacey and Mary Limauro; to Oliver Webb; $180,000.

* 2431 Deer Run Road; from Daniel W. Daenzer; to B. Keith Eugea and Katrna Eugea; $21,500.


* 932 Stone Briar Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Kelly D. Coombs and Brandon B. Coombs; $228,500.

* 912 Briar Meadow Court; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Michael P. Sankey and Crystal A. Sankey; $242,500.

* 1141 Maclean Drive; from Matthew Cooper; to Derek T. Jones; $170,000.

* 109 W. Third St.; from Matthew McElroy; to Christina Anshus; $119,500.

* 1456 Schwarz Meadow Road; from Charles Vida and Maxine Vida; to Leonard W. Rambo and Maria E. Rambo; $185,500.


* 408 S. Smith St.; from Patricia J. Gibbs; to Sandra A. King; $121,000.

* 11 Memorial Ave.; from Prairie State Properties LLC; to Richard L. Kehrer and Deborah M. Kehrer; $60,000.

* 4119 Summer Oak Drive; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Gary Littlefield and Diane Littlefield; $292,500.


* 109 Pawnee Drive; from Bulent Elkat; to William Faries and Carolyn Faries; $42,000.

* 204-206 Turnbridge; from Kevin G. Macdonald and Cheri K. Macdonald; to Robert Halona Kai Jr. and Sherri L. Kai; $126,000.

* 4195 Biverton Drive; from Randall Wood and Joanne Wood; to Joseph Poindexter and Darlene Poindexter; $279,000.



* 426 Belleview Ave.; from John J. Puent and Elizabeth C. Puent; to Elizabeth C. Puent; $192,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3509 Bloomer Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Taron J. Bryan and David J. O'Donnell; $16,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2632 Randolph; from Daylinda Clayton; to Barton R. Olney; $40,000.

* 3429 Agnes Blvd.; from First Collinsville Bank; to Jeffrey S. Pruett; $70,000.


* 1 Sugar Lane; from Joseph G. Rosauer and Amy B. Rosauer; to Jordan M. Hults, Ashley R. Robinson Hults; $235,500.

* 1395 Alice St.; from Michael Jones; to Tracy L. Traylor; $85,500.


* 327 Broadway; from Frederick A. Smith Jr. and Donnell E. Smith; to Stephen R. Clark; $55,000.


* 8300 Waters Edge; from Christie Bleier and Brian Weiss; to Darin F. Gries; $218,000.

* 219 Burns Farm Blvd.; from John W. Tippit and Charlotte Tippit; to Christopher J. Schulte and Stacy A. Schulte; $205,000.

* 5031 Springfield Drive; from KilbyTepen and Courtney Tepen; to John A. Holtkamp; $117,500.

* 222 N. Buchanan St.; from James R. Stotts and Andrea R. Stotts; to Chad M. Goodwin and Courtney M. Goodwin; $190,000.

* 5206 Hazel Road; from Patrick J. Lewis and Melinda J. Lewis; to Richard J. Donner II and Sandra C. Conner; $335,000.

* 3853 N. Arbor Lake Drive; from Arbor Lake Development Co. LLC; to Mark R. Call; $83,000.

* 7607 Jerusalem Road; from Mark A. Armon and Tracey E. Armon; to David H. Bauer and Claire A. Bauer; $260,000.

* 779 Chancellor Drive; from Blake J. Schwalb and Natalee E. Schwalb; to Natalee E. Zweig and Bedrije Hamiti; $235,000.

* 205 Banner St.; from Brian K. Yap, Ann L. Yap, Ann L. Martin; to James Keller and Cheri Y. Keller; $170,000.

* 3309 Hershiser Court; from Vicksburg Development Inc.; to Donald W. Unger; $91,000.

* 6982 Alston Court; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to James Jesse and Stacy Jesse; $460,500.

* 7 Martin Court; from Timothy R. Ervin and Michelle A. Ervin; to Rosario B. Cappelo and Danielle Cappelo; $272,000.

* 7109 Shenandoah Drive; from Aaron W. Etcheson and Jennifer A. Etcheson; to Stephen C. Devasto and Kristin M. Devasto; $183,000.

* 3137 Starlight Lane; from Daniel L. Renfro and Beverly A. Renfro; to Gregory Sandifer and Cari Sandifer; $350,000.


* 27 Jennifer Drive; from Fannie Mae; to Michael Wibben and Sherry Webben; $181,500.

* 17 Grainey Drive; from CPT58 Homes LLC; to Amie C. Reed and Kristopher E. Reed; $165,500.

* 11 Country Maples; from Mark A. Loucks and Carolyn J. Loucks; to Daniel Hepp and Molly Hepp; $300,000.

* 34 Joel Drive; from Kevin D. Pontious and LIsa D. Pontious; to Jeremy Bond and Caitlin Vanpelt; $154,500.

* 205 Ashford Drive; from Stephen L. Miller and Lugene T. Miller; to Kyle W. Stewart and Katherine E. Stewart; $214,000.


* 82 Rolling Meadows Drive; from Mark Pruitt and Melissa Pruitt; to David J. Martin and Trina R. Martin; $163,000.


* 22 Cambridge Drive; from Nancy Wilkinson Bryant and Jim Bryant; to Zachary B. Albatt and Ashlie K. Albatt; $96,500.

* 3032 Edgewood Ave.; from Jason R. Imoboden and Erin M. Imoboden; to Alex D. Flynn and Amanda D. Whitaker; $96,000.


* 253 Hamel Ave.; from Megan S. Knetzer and Chris Knetzer; to Donald L. Chappell and Gerri L. Chappell; $143,000.


* 805 12th St.; from Michael S. Peters and Nancy E. Peters; to Matthew Gruen and Kathleen M. Gruen; $116,000.

* 5A Woodland Court; from Dale E. Sloan and Janice S. Sloan; to jacqueline C. Pitt; $143,000.

* 13060 Cherokee Road; from Matthew Holthaus and Janelle Holthaus; to Tyler G. Donaldson and Kaylie C. Donaldson; $40,000.


* 1724 Kennedy Drive; from LER Properties LLC; to Center Street Senior Living Center; $272,000.


* 10961 Pocahontas Road; from Robert Regh and Marie H. Rehg; to Clay Iberg; $185,000.

* 315 S. Duncan St.; from Matthew Lewis and Kari Lewis; to Tyler Eaton; $125,000.


* 2609 Fieldstone Drive; from Jennilyn M. Fiala and John W. Fiala; to Forrest N. Olson and Patricia L. Olson; $191,000.

* 2404 Calico Lane; from Dustin Simaytis and Tallie N. Simaytis; to Robert Stuckey and Linda Stuckey; $225,000.

* 1860 Crimson Oak Drive; from Remington Place LLC; to Nicholas C. Kelnke; $207,000.

* 2207 Williams St.; from William F. Kohl and Dorothy M. Kohl; to Derrick Cox; $55,000.


* 8816 Wendell Creek Drive; from Wendell Creek Estates LLC; to Larry Ulrich; $50,500.


* 306 Meadow Drive; from George A. Boston and Betty L. Boston; to Danny H. Highlander and Cindy Highlander; $286,500.

* 408 Ackerman Place; from Stephen B. Sabaini and Kari L. Sabaini; to Sharon K. Bradley and Kari L. Sabaini; $125,500.

* 1308 Bridlespur Lane; from Robert L. Fulkerson and Barbara J. Fulkerson; to Stephen Sabaini and Kari Sabaini; $162,000.

* 280 Sunnybrooke; from Penn Builders LC; to Suzann Rizzi; $232,500.

* 107 McArthur Drive; from Bradley N. Stieren and Casey J. Stieren; $185,000.



* 600 Autumn Rise Lane; from F & F Land Company LLC; to Flower & Fendler Inc.; $45,000.

* 604 Golden Briar Lane; from F & F Land Company LLC; to Flower & Fendler Inc.; $45,000.

* 358 W. Liberty; from Lillian Kipec, Co-Successor, Evelyn K. Sander, Leo F. Sander, Michael Sander, Co-Successor; to Brandon M. Wooters, Christine M. Wooters, Robert D. Wooters; $147,500.

* 736 Pines Way; from Camilla K. Engel and Shawn A. Engel; to Robert Carman; $295,000.


* 432 N. Library St.; from Robert G. Hyatt; to Brittany N. Wetzel and Eric S. Wetzel; $128,000.

* 700 Evansville Ave.; from Russell Services Inc.; to Andrew C. Bine; $155,000.

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