Land Boeing at MidAmerica

December 9, 2013 

In the Nov. 28 BND there was an article about Missouri, California, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas and Utah wooing Boeing to get it to build the Boeing 777x plant in their states. I saw nothing about St. Clair County doing anything to entice Boeing. MidAmerica St. Louis Airport has been losing millions of taxpayer dollars since inception. Past airport performance shows that it may never be a viable passenger terminal.

I suggest that St. Clair County offer the airport to Boeing if it will build the new plant on the property. If Boeing accepts, the county would be free of the multi-million dollar losses each year. The caveat would be receiving tax money instead of wasting it.

The deal would be beneficial to Boeing because it would have its own ready-made airport on the property. Boeing already has a facility there; this could mean an expansion of it.

I live in Madison County and this will not affect my taxes, but I have friends and relatives in St. Clair County who are affected by the airport. I think that turning a tax burden into a taxed body would be beneficial to the metro-east and all the surrounding counties.

Joseph E. Obernuefemann


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