2013 News-Democrat Small-School Football All-Area Team

News-DemocratDecember 11, 2013 

2013 Belleville News-Democrat

Small School (Class 1A-4A) All-Area Football Team

Player of the Year

Eric Mertens, Althoff, sr. (6-3, 205)

Coach of the Year

Randy Dooley, Carlyle

First Team Offense

QB: Kyle Kirkpatrick, Civic Memorial, sr. (6-0, 195)

RB: Jordan Ratermann, Mater Dei, sr. (5-10 180)

RB: Lou Isringhaus, Columbia, jr. (5-10, 180)

RB: Tyler Barnes, Dupo, sr. (5-10, 245)

Receiver: Keenen Young, Althoff, soph. (6-2, 190)

Receiver: Jacob Timmermann, Central, sr. (6-1, 175)

Receiver: Nick Hitpas, Mater Dei, sr. (6-2, 175)

OL: Joe Hemann, Mater Dei, jr. (6-1, 225)

OL: Grant Snow, Columbia, sr. (6-2, 265)

OL: Drew Allen, Freeburg, sr. (6-4, 320)

OL: Erik Krause, Althoff, sr. (6-5, 270)

OL: Nick Dall, Central, jr. (6-2, 250)

OL: Torry Jackson, Dupo, sr. (5-11, 195)

Kicker: Ryan Aycock, Waterloo, jr. (5-11, 150)

All-Purpose: Deven Hicks, Carlyle, sr. (5-8, 155)

First Team Defense

DL: John Timmermann, Central, sr. (6-2, 240)

DL: Brent Johnson, Carlyle, jr. (6-1, 200)

DL: Cole Foster, Columbia, sr. (6-5, 260)

DL: Levi Hall, Dupo, sr. (5-10, 160)

DL: Nick Bollasina, Columbia sr. (5-10, 215)

LB: Jordan Rainey, Carlyle, sr. (5-11, 210)

LB: Aaron Medina, Althoff, sr. (5-9, 185)

LB: Bret Silvestri, Althoff, jr. (5-11, 185)

LB: Zach Klaustermeier Civic Memorial, sr. (6-1, 235)

DB: Colton Hearty, Waterloo, sr. (6-0, 150)

DB: Logan Zachry, Carlyle, sr. (5-11, 165)

DB: Jared Thole, Mater Dei, sr. (6-1, 180)

Punter: Kyle Kirkpatrick, Civic Memorial, sr. (6-0, 195)

Second Team Offense

QB: Sam Toennies, Mater Dei, jr. (5-10, 175)

QB: Billy Cummins, Carlyle, sr. (6-1, 195)

RB: Deven Hicks, Carlyle, sr. (5-8, 155)

RB: Quayd Novak, Nashville, jr. (6-2, 190)

RB: Blake Vandiver, Roxana, sr. (5-6, 150)

Receiver: Dennis Jackson, Althoff, sr. (5-10, 155)

Receiver: Tommy Cummins, Carlyle, jr. (5-11, 165)

Receiver: Shaun Rogers, Sparta, jr. (6-0, 170)

OL: Mike Williamson, Dupo, sr. (5-8, 165)

OL: Kristian Miller, Red Bud, sr. (6-0, 205)

OL: Ryan Meddows, Wesclin, sr. (6-2, 230)

OL: Jared Luebbers, Mater Dei, jr. (6-0, 195)

OL: Blake Pete, Waterloo, jr. (6-2, 205)

OL: Ryan Ord, Althoff sr. (5-10, 233)

Kicker: Donovan Gagen, Althoff, soph. (5-11, 140)

All-Purpose: Seth Ferguson, Sparta, jr. (5-8, 165)

Second Team Defense

DL: Brady Rakers, Mater Dei, soph. (6-0, 205)

DL: Keegan Baxmeyer, Freeburg, soph. (5-10, 190)

DL: Mike Smith, Freeburg, soph. (6-1, 230)

DL: Kristian Miller, Red Bud, sr. (6-0, 205)

DL: Charlie Sheets, Roxana, sr. (6-4, 210)

LB: Robby Vall, Freeburg, jr. (5-11, 190)

LB: Chase Hagene, Nashville, sr. (6-0, 235)

LB: Michael Stroot, Central, sr. (6-0, 165)

LB: Camren Shewfelt, Columbia, sr. (5-9, 190)

LB: Jordan Ratermann, Mater Dei, sr. (5-10, 180)

DB: Jacob Timmermann, Central, sr. (6-1, 175)

DB: Jonah Toennies, Mater Dei, sr. (6-3, 175)

DB: Jacob Homann, Freeburg, sr. (5-11, 170)

DB: Thomas Heavner, Waterloo, sr. (5-9, 155)

Punter: John Becker, Carlyle, sr. (6-2, 175)

Honorable Mention Offense


Brett Aldridge, Dupo; Josh Dunning, Central; Drew Kordys, Sparta; Brock McGowan, Columbia; Zach Schaab, Waterloo

Running Back

Keegan Baxmeyer, Freeburg; Malik Easley, Althoff; Seth Ferguson, Sparta; Cody Frohn, Central; Addison Gunter, Red Bud; Kyle LaChance, Dupo; Dustin Sauer, Red Bud; Stephen Schad, Waterloo; Robby Vall, Freeburg; Rick Wiegand, Waterloo; Logan Zachry, Carlyle


Tyler Campbell, Civic Memorial; Luke Frazier, Althoff; Ben Lampe, Mater Dei; Brett Cleveland, Red Bud; Austin Mueller, Althoff; Dalton Newkirk, Central; Royce Newman, Nashville; Will Rankin, Metro-East Lutheran; Ben Walker, Civic Memorial

Offensive Line

Zach Dall, Carlyle; Collin Hawkins, Sparta; Ben Wiegmann, Mater Dei


Andrew Dossett, Columbia; Nick Hitpas, Mater Dei; Alex Velazquez, Carlyle; Levi Wallace, Roxana

Honorable Mention Defense

Defensive Line

Lucas Deimeke, Mater Dei; Zack George, Waterloo; Andrew Jones, Metro-East Lutheran; Royce Newman, Nashville; Grant Snow, Columbia; Cameron Voss, Central; Wanya Walker, Carlyle


Seth Ferguson, Sparta; Addison Gunter, Red Bud; Devin Hemmer, Waterloo; Jeremy Rettig, Waterloo

Defensive Back

Seth Chester, Roxana; Kyle Kirkpatrick, Civic Memorial; Collin McClellan, Althoff


Kile Bailey, Freeburg; Nolan Mannino, Waterloo; Jacob Timmermann, Central

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