In defense of Paeltz, GFA

December 11, 2013 

I would like to say that the accusations against Headmaster Phil Paeltz and the Governor French Academy in Belleville are absolutely ridiculous. My child has been attending GFA for 10 years so I am familiar with the student in question and the headmaster. This boy had inappropriate behaviors his entire time at GFA.

Paeltz has always been and continues to be an excellent role model for students and has never done anything inappropriate to any of the school's students. In fact, the entire school is open, without walls between classrooms, so any sort of inappropriate behavior would be hard to hide.

This is an episode of a kid who was misbehaving and was called on his behavior by being given a taste of his own medicine, by his own choice. This is merely a ploy to discredit the school and its headmaster as a means of getting out of paying money that is owed.

I would hope that you print this letter and any others that are favorable toward the school and Paeltz so the public can actually see how parents view the entire situation.

I also encourage any other parents who feel like to me to write to show their support of the school and its headmaster.

Monique M. Fields


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