Metro-east expected to miss worst of winter storm

News-DemocratDecember 12, 2013 

By Scott Wuerz


The latest forecast calls for the metro-east to miss the worst of a winter storm expected to cut across the region Friday and Saturday.

The National Weather Service predicted that the upper Midwest could get more than a foot of snow.

While some areas north of the Interstate 70 corridor could get 3 inches of snow, most of the metro-east is expected to get about one-tenth of an inch of ice Friday and less than 3 inches of snow Friday into Saturday.

On Friday the high temperature is expected to reach 37 with a low of 29, according to the Weather Service.

Freezing rain and sleet are expected to move into the area about 1 p.m. and turn into a mixture of rain and sleet by 3 p.m.

"Not so much during the morning hours, but during the afternoon we could see problems," said Mark Britt, National Weather Service meteorologist. "In the early afternoon we will see precipitation mainly in the form of a mix of freezing rain and rain."

The high temperature will come in the midafternoon and take the bite out of the winter storm, Britt said. "We're expecting temperatures to warm up to turn the sleet and snow into rain. But drivers need to be careful because there is the potential, because it has been so cold, that the ground temperature could be below freezing. We are concerned about the possibility of some light glazing on roads."

Precipitation will continue into the night when the air cools below freezing. Then rain will turn to sleet and snow.

Occasional freezing rain, sleet and the potential for a flurry of snow is expected overnight until about 7 a.m. Saturday.

On Saturday a 30 percent chance of snow is expected with a high of 35 and a low of 19.

"We might see a small accumulation of ice and a little bit of snow," Britt said. "We could see about 2 inches."

Meteorologists said the storm is the result of a blast of cold air moving across the country from southern California across the Rocky Mountains and into the Mississippi Valley colliding with wet weather moving north from the Gulf of Mexico.

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