Belleville News-Democrat Large-School Football Players of the Year

News-DemocratDecember 14, 2013 

Belleville News-Democrat Large-School Football

Players of the Year

2013 -- Dan Marinko, Edwardsville

2012 -- Darius Mosely, O'Fallon; Pierre Gee-Tucker, Belleville West

2011 -- Ejay Johnson, O'Fallon

2010 -- Keante Minor, East St. Louis

2009 -- Courtney Molton, East St. Louis

2008 --Terry Hawthorne, East St. Louis

2007 -- Jason Ford, Althoff

2006 -- Jason Ford, Althoff

2005 -- E.J. Jones, Edwardsville

2004 --Shane McBride, Triad; Daniel Moore, O'Fallon

2003 -- Julius Denzmore, East St. Louis

2002 -- Milan Woodard, Edwardsville

2001 -- Travanti Hill, Cahokia; Tyler Yates, Triad

2000 --Damien Nash, East St. Louis

1999 -- Joe Bevis, Edwardsville

1998 --Tony Patterson, Belleville East

1997 -- Byron Gettis, Cahokia

1996 -- Jimmie Dougherty, Edwardsville

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