2013 Belleville News-Democrat Large-School All-Area Football Team

News-DemocratDecember 14, 2013 

Dan Marinko, Edwardsville, jr. (6-2, 165)

Coach of the Year

Matt Martin, Edwardsville

First Team Offense

QB: Mack Waldman, Highland, sr. (6-1, 188)

RB: Greg Taylor, East St. Louis, sr. (5-11, 175)

RB: Kentrail Moran, O'Fallon, soph. (5-11, 190)

RB: Brian Hill, Belleville West, sr. (6-2, 210)

RB: Andrew Winning, Highland, soph. (5-7, 165)

Receiver: Darius Crochrell, Edwardsville, sr. (6-1, 170)

Receiver: Jeff Thomas, East St. Louis, fr. (5-11, 170)

Receiver: Tae'Mon Franklin, O'Fallon, sr. (5-11, 170)

OL: Tanner Farmer, Highland, sr. (6-4, 305)

OL: Jarrod Kolesa, Edwardsville, sr. (5-10, 226)

OL: Cortez Spencer, East St. Louis, sr. (6-1, 280)

OL: Luther Wright, East St. Louis, sr. (6-4, 290)

OL: Dan Ryan, O'Fallon, sr. (6-4, 285)

OL: Nick Allen, Belleville West, sr. (6-5, 265)

Kicker: Austin Seibert, Belleville West, jr. (5-10, 175)

All-Purpose: Logan Geiger, Highland, jr. (5-10, 160)

First Team Defense

DL: Terry Beckner, Jr., East St. Louis, jr. (6-4, 280)

DL: Dewayne Hendrix, O'Fallon, sr. (6-5, 265)

DL: Jeff Clubb, Edwardsville, sr. (6-0, 215)

DL: Jeff Brown, Belleville East, sr. (6-2, 323)

LB: Zac Rujawitz, Edwardsville, jr. (6-0, 227)

LB: Kyron Watson, East St. Louis, sr. (6-2, 220)

LB: Tori Millender, Belleville West, sr. (6-2, 235)

LB: Marques Cooper, O'Fallon, jr. (6-0, 210)

DB: Treevon Prater, East St. Louis, sr. (6-1, 185)

DB: Greg Taylor, East St. Louis, sr. (5-11, 176)

DB: D'Anthony Knight, Edwardsville, sr. (6-0, 180)

DB: Craig James, Edwardsville, sr. (5-11, 170)

DB: Brian Hill, Belleville West, sr. (6-2, 210)

Punter: Tucker McCann, O'Fallon, soph. (5-11, 175)

Second Team Offense

QB: Sherand Boyd, Belleville West, jr. (6-1, 190)

RB: Gage Geiger, Highland, jr. (6-0, 190)

RB: Elijah Crockett, Edwardsville, sr. (5-6, 150)

RB: Brandon Mason, Belleville East, sr. (5-8, 168)

RB: Keenan Hogan, Cahokia, sr. (5-10, 180)

Receiver: Klayton Gettis, O'Fallon, jr. (5-9, 175)

Receiver: Quinetin Jackson, Granite City, sr. (6-3, 200)

Receiver: Isaiah Michl, Edwardsville, jr. (6-1, 180)

Recever: Patrick Riley, O'Fallon, sr. (6-2, 185)

OL: Nick Czar, Highland, jr. (6-4, 240)

OL: Nathan Sylvester, Belleville East, jr. (6-2, 296)

OL: Martinus Mitchell, Collinsville, sr. (6-6, 245)

OL: Josh Jackowski, Highland, sr. (6-4, 315)

OL: Drake Zappia, Highland, sr. (6-0, 250)

OL: Jamario Jeffries, Belleville West, sr. (6-4, 265)

Kicker: Tucker McCann, O'Fallon, soph. (5-11, 175)

All-Purpose: Keshon Young, Alton, sr. (5-9, 175)

Second Team Defense

DL: Antoine Williams, Belleville West, jr. (6-3, 240)

DL: Leon Hide, East St. Louis, soph. (6-2, 250)

DL: Blake Perfetti, Highland, sr. (5-6, 170)

DL: Robert Mosby, Cahokia, jr. (6-0, 240)

DL: Nick Czar, Highland, jr. (6-4, 240)

LB: Markee Thompson, Belleville East, sr. (6-0, 203)

LB: Ricco Gipson, Alton, jr. (6-0, 225)

LB: Nicholas Foster, Belleville West, so. (5-9, 140)

LB: Cameron Throneberry, Edwardsville, sr. (6-0, 190)

LB: Cameron Donaby, East St. Louis, sr. (6-2, 170)

LB: Blake Hustedde, Highland, sr. (6-1, 195)

DB: La'Vante Smith, Belleville West, sr. (5-9, 155)

DB: Joshua Lovings, Alton, jr. (5-8, 140)

DB: Demarius Ward, Belleville East, jr. (5-8, 158)

Punter: Austin Seibert, Belleville West, jr. (5-10, 175)

Punter: Josiah Bergt, Belleville East, sr. (6-4, 202)

Honorable Mention Offense


Jason Barbour, Triad; Camden Bauer, O'Fallon; Dominic Nelson, East St. Louis; Tim Parks, Mascoutah

Running Back

Antoine Davis, Belleville West; Adam Nelson, Triad; Justin Pedrero, Alton; Nate Strong, East St. Louis; Misikei Thompson, Mascoutah; Jamal Wellmaker, Collinsville; Keshon Young, Alton


Mike Biekert, Mascoutah; Fontez Davis, Edwardsville; Logan Geiger, Highland; Treevon Prater, East St. Louis; Brendan Saak, Belleville West; Hayden Schmidt, Edwardsville

Offensive Line

Nick Kaltmayer, Edwardsville; Robert Mosby, Cahokia; Kory Poelker, O'Fallon; Clint Reilson, Highland; Stephon Smith, East St. Louis


Trentan Daley, Edwardsville; Zeke Kaufman, Highland

Honorable Mention Defense

Defensive Line

Nate Collier, Collinsville; Juan Gregory, Granite City; Andre Jackson, Mascoutah; Kyle Keasey, Edwardsville; Darrin McDaniel, Belleville East; Robert Mosby, Cahokia; Steve Middendorf, O'Fallon


Donald Driver, Belleville West; Preston Ellington, Mascoutah; Brandon Fisher, Collinsville; Romeion Moore, Cahokia; Sean Sandifer, Edwardsville; Marcell Scurlark, Cahokia; Craig Ziegler, Triad

Defensive Back

Mike Averill, Triad; Micquell Cotton, O'Fallon; Brian Crowe, Edwardsville; Manny Fontenot, Mascoutah; Kevion Gilmore, East St. Louis; Wilbur Jones, East St. Louis; Dillon Weiss, O'Fallon


Josh Calvin, Collinsville; Treevon Prater, East St. Louis; Adam Sims, Triad; Eli Taul, Alton

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