Real estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

December 15, 2013 

Real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.:



* 312 N. Charles St.; from Danny Rauschkolb and Joseph Rauschkolb; to Reginald Lewis and Mildred Lewis; $9,000.

* 521 Longview Drive; from Scott L. Simonin II and Sara N. Simonin; to Scott L. Simonin and Ryan L. Simonin; $125,000.

* 215 Sunset Drive; from Hongwei Du and Lanxiu Lu; to Stephanie Frerichs; $65,000.

* 11 Hilldale Drive; from Rita K. Bond Yarcho; to Joshua W. Huffstutler; $74,500.

* 120 Southgate Drive; from Laura Ochoa; to Lori A. Oates; $112,500.

* 615 Valencia Drive; from James E. Pearson; to Charley Magourik; $54,000.


* 23 Fox Meadow Lane; from PFP LLC; to Thomas Helms; $59,000.

* 20 St. Ambrose Drive; from Kenneth L. Governal and Meriel E. Governal; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $17,000.


* 1102 Hollywood Heights Road; from Arnez Tucker and Tiffany Tucker; to Diamante Capital LLC; $32,500.

* 58 Long Branch Lane; from Lance L. Lane and Jenna L. Lane; to Robert J. Hobart and Patricia Hobart; $638,500.


* 1 Grandview Drive; from Dorothy J. Kime; to L&L Sales & Leasing Inc.; $65,000.

* 100 Twin Echo Court; from Kevin Miller; to Matthew Rogers and Kathleen Rogers; $139,500.


* 37 Cedar Drive; from Shirley A. Rentz and James H. Rentz; to Michael A. Phillips; $169,000.

* 14 Circle Drive; from Deborah Jean Cummins; to Kelsey McQuade; $77,000.

* 5519 Perrin Road; from Melody A. Dreyer-Blaylock; to WW Properties; $30,000.


* 716 Oak Brook Drive; from Gerald L. Thomas and Peggie M. Thomas; to Jeremy A. Lake and Laura E. Lake; $179,000.

* 405 N. Cherry St.; from Jeremy Lake and Laura Lake; to Jared L. Hessling; $136,000.


* 10928 Sylvan Vista Drive; from Jacqueline M. Bieker; to ERic J. Reamer and Shannah L. Reamer; $160,000.


* 408 S. Main St.; from Bryan White and Leigh Ann White; to Ryan Liles; $62,000.


* 411 Amethyst Lane; from C.P.R. Properties LLC; to CNR Inc.; $37,500.

* 406 Turquoise Court; from CNR Inc.; to Matthew Courtaway and Aimee Courtaway; $201,000.

* 112 E. State St.; from Carolyn Stumpf; to EllenC. Thieleman; $30,000.


* 8436 Tebbe Lane; from Christian Lynn Pirtle; to Thomas M. Chastain; $75,000.

* 14 Sunset Drive; from Ralph Vogt; to Edgar Stallmann and Sharon Stallmann; $15,000.


* 6 Sandridge Drive; from Dennis Works; to Catherine Ruhmann; $66,000.


* 119 Main St.; from Kum Su Satterlee; to Erik S. Johnson; $130,000.

* 1193 Hearthstone Road; from David Eghigian and Jennifer Eghigian; to Ryan Brown and Tara Brown; $725,000.

* 846 Indian Creek Drive; from Frank T. Reckenberg and Cynthia M. Solomito; to Casey D. Kalaher and Melissa L. Kalaher; $190,000.

* 145 N. Main St.; from Dennis Ambry; to David Ambry, Doris Ambry, Denise Biekert, Michael Ambry; $17,500.

* 1121 Butternut Lane; from Mark A. Ruse and Lisa E. Ruse; to Henry A. Neicamp and Donna J. Neicamp; $191,000.


* 2039 Ironwood Trail; from Robert Oates and Lori Oates; to Travis Tanner and Rose Tanner; $265,000.


* 1533 Renoir Ave.; from Rebecca Y. Olroyd; to David S. Eghigian and Jennifer M. Eghigian; $520,000.



* 551 Park Drive; from David McGibany and Tabitha McGibany; to Todd L. Dodson; $65,000.

* 124 Pendor St.; from Amy D. Williams and Eric Williams; to Keith Estes and Samantha Estes; $120,000.

* 137 Walnut Ridge Drive; from Roger D. Jones; to Dale Scoggins and Ticia Scoggins; $136,000.


* 2023 Greenbriar Drive; from Wells Fargo Bank; to Vincent L. Niemeier and Kathereine M. Gregowicz; $132,500.


* 9148 Huette Road; from Ronald E. Stull and Darlene Stull; to Joseph A. Hall and Joanie L. Hall; $190,000.


* 963 Hawk Island Court; from Christopher A. Schwertman and Karie A. Schwertman; to Michael MdGuiggan Jr. and Christina McGuiggan; $164,000.

* 309 Banner St.; from John Seeber and Linda Seeber; to Amanda M. Murphey and Todd Murphey; $184,000.

* 1260 Gloucester Drive; from Jeremy Sickman, Mary Sickman, Jessica Sickman; to John P. Maguire and Terra Maguire; $170,500.

* 1518 Bryant Ave.; from Gregory Holdings LLC; to Brad Laflen; $115,000.


* 31 Grainey Drive; from Evelyn J. Garde and Michael J. Garde; to CPT58 Homes LLC; $76,000.

* 233 Lake Hillcrest Drive; from Promisor Relocation; to Matthew Magary; $117,000.


* 2104 Wilson Ave.; from Leo M. Deak and Barbara L. Deak; to Marie N. Bozarth; $67,000.

* 4058 Vesci Ave.; from James L. Ulrich and Amy Ulrich; to Michael P. Regan; $108,500.

* 1420 Chouteau Place Road; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Victoria L. Carroll and Carolyn Carroll; $70,000.

* 207 Voight Place; from Michael Burrow and Shonda Burrow; to Robert T. Pacheco Jr. and Christy R. Leith; $105,000.


* 301 Miller Ave.; from Brian W. Niehaus and Stacy L. Niehaus; to Gary B. Williams and Zara Williams; $225,000.


* 1709 State Route 160; from Mary Ann Widman; to Michael A. Widman; $360,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3308 Bush Drive; from Randy Donaldson and Carol Donaldson; to Cynthia L. Stanton; $224,000.

* 1010 Mulberry St.; from Tasha L. Weber and William D. Weber III; to Glen W. Pike and Nicol L. Pike; $55,000.

* 325 Nottingham Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ricky D. Buhmann; $133,075 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 601 Poplar St.; from William R. Greenwald and Tina M. Greenwald; to Emilie B. Schilling; $110,000.

* 10376 Carrollton Drive; from Lindwo Contracting Inc.; to Joshua J. Helton and Jennifer Helton; $49,000.


* 500 N. Duncan St.; from Christopher J. Hemker and Stephanie Hemker; to Cynthia L. Doss; $130,000.


* 239 Glenwood Drive; from Geraldiane Kuhn; to Michael Self and Kaitlin Self; $127,000.

* 2898 Maryville Road; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Cletus Hedger; $148,000.


* 7906 N. State Route 159; from Associated Bank; to Randy C. Martz, Paula K. Martz, Nolan D. Martz; $160,000.


* 313 Wickliffe St.; from Federal Home Loans Mortgage Corp.; to Richard N. Oliver and Stephanie L. Oliver; $90,000.


* 532 12th St.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Micahel T. Fitzpatrick and Jane H. Fitzpatrick; $46,000.



* 230 Michah's Way; from Jody Burlow and Justin Burlow; to Julie Traiteur; $190,000.

* 2854 Robert Drive; from Daniel M. Lubus and Crystal M. Lubus; to Karen S. Weber and Kenneth J. Weber; $160,000.


* 104 Stonehill Ridge; from JLP Construction Co.; to Matthew Morgan and Stephanie Morgan; $168,000.


* 6738 State Route 156; from Becky J. Biffar and Kevin Biffar; to Kelley R. Swope and Richard S. Swope; $159,000.

* 800 Evansville Ave.; from Jaime L. Mills and Debra J. Zarate; to Christopher Wells and Saundra Wells; $132,000.

* 6 Dwight St.; from Casie M. Dugan and Robert S. Dugan; to Alaina Swan and Stephan A. Swan; $162,500.

* 215 Magnolia; from Margaret A. Arns, Trustee; to Grant C. Eschmann and Rebecca L. Eschmann; $120,000.

* 310 S. Market St.; from Mary A. Waterman; to Andrew W. Clark and Lindsay A. Maag; $112,500.

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