Asking for calamity

December 16, 2013 

It's almost like we've drawn a line in the sand and dared the almighty to cross over.

Let's review: We've kicked God out of school and our public institutions. We kill his children through abortion. We've told him his definition of marriage is obsolete. And now, the topper, with the latest agreement we've made with the Iranians, we've made Israel more vulnerable than ever to nuke-aspiring Jew haters.

It's simply incredible. Now, I don't expect non-believers or casual Christians and Jews to get it. But devout or not, the consequence of our godlessness is surely on its way.

My advice to the faithful is to continue to pray, speak and do. My admonition to the rest is, when calamity shows up, as it surely will unless we repent, don't be surprised.

Robert P. Edwards

Granite City

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