Save former Lincoln High School building

December 18, 2013 

Some people think the city of East St. Louis is the home of the champions. It's definitely not safe, ranking No. 1 in the nation for homicides and violent crimes.

Probably the real home of Champions is the old Lincoln Senior High School. Why not use some of that TIF or grant money to repair or rehab a historical black high school? It can be done. Why let is deteriorate and destroy it?

If possible, turn it into a center, shelter or charter school. Do something with it. The old Assumption Catholic High School was converted into a prison known as Southwestern Correctional Center.

A part of the old St. Teresa Catholic High School is now a woman and child shelter.

The East St. Louis Senior High School was rehabbed, repaired and added on to, that probably was enough tax dollars spent to build two new high schools.

A lot of the successful blacks and politicians graduated from Lincoln, the Lincoln Tigers.

People shouldn't be so quick to forget where their roots started. Most of them migrated from the south end of East St. Louis.

Pauline McCottrell

East St. Louis

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