Not the government's business

December 18, 2013 

Illinois and the federal government need to get out of insurance and health care business. Selected paragraphs from Illinois post: State Rep. Patti Bellock, R-Hinsdale, said she is not surprised Gov. Pat Quinn is bragging about adding more than 100,000 people to Medicaid.

Bellock said even with the extra federal money, Illinois still will see its Medicaid costs rise about $1 billion a year. The state also has a huge problem of providing Medicaid to those who should not receive it. A private review of the state's Medicaid rolls found that about a third on Medicaid are ineligible.

Bellock expects that number to grow with the Medicaid expansion. "Because they are so backed up and so hurried, (the federal Healthcare and Human Services office) said they were just going to let people use the honor system," Bellock said. That means no income verification or residency check for those enrolling in Medicaid in Illinois.

Bellock hopes the private review of the state's health care program can act as some kind of check to the expansion of Obamacare.

Government cannot run a business. It needs to stop trying. Taxpayers are beyond bailing out the government. It needs to get out of insurance and health businesses now.

How about tax-paying citizens stop paying taxes until controls to avoid ineligible enrollees from getting coverage are established?

Close up all related government agencies, lay off the government workers and reduce the taxes. Everybody for himself.

Mal Kurtz


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