Everyone's a critic

December 18, 2013 

Sometimes I am amazed at the lack of depth and understanding found in the repetitive critical letters here. There appears to be no person or subject for which there is no complaint, no matter how little the writers know about it. Now it is Nelson Mandela, or the remembrances of him, that are open to attack.

Writers take one aspect of his history and determine that it is the singular determinant of his worth or character. It is not necessary to put out someone's candle to make yours appear bright.

The final judgment of any man is what he has accomplished and what he leaves behind. Is it a better place and is something gained or preserved because of him? I think it is unquestionable that, in this case, the answer is yes.

Mandela certainly accomplished far more than any critics of him have done and, for that reason alone, he stands alone but much higher than his critics who have done nothing, yet remain as a carping lot of wastrels.

Joseph M. Reichert


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